Weekly Warrior

Volume 5 Issue 7 December 14th, 2015

Important Dates

Dec 14th-Midterm grades posted by 3:30
Dec 15th-Winter Mock ACT using CERT
Dec 16th-Pulse of Surgery Event in Auditorium
Dec 16th-EOC/ACT and AP PLCs in library at 3:30
Dec 17th-Club Pictures during 1st & 2nd Block
Dec 17th-Clubs 9:25 am to 9:50 am--Students without a club remain in 1st block
Dec 17th-Parent Teacher Conferences for Trimester 2 from 4:00 - 6:00
Dec 18th-PGES Peer Observations completed
Jan 4th-1st day back from Christmas Break
Jan 15th-Growth Day
Jan 18th-No School, Kagan Training Day 4 for select teachers

Effective Feedback--Tying Your Feedback to the Goal

From Mindsteps Inc.

One of the fastest ways to upgrade your feedback is to tie it to a specific goal. Rather than offer generic praise or criticism, connecting your feedback to a specific goal not only shows students and teachers how close they are to achieving the goal, it also helps them choose the next best step they need to take to achieve that goal. When you offer general criticism (“you’re not there yet,” “This is ineffective,” or “Try again” for instance) students are more focused on the minutia of their performance rather than on their ultimate goal. The same thing is also true with vague or generic praise. The trouble with general praise is that students and teachers know they did well but don’t understand how to repeat the performance.

When you tie your feedback to your goal however, you keep students and teachers focused on the bigger picture and help them connect the various steps they take to achieve their goal to the goal itself.

The key? It’s as simple as adding a because statement to your feedback. The because statement explains why you are offering the feedback you are offering and connects the individual feedback to the bigger picture and ultimate goal. Doing so gives students and teachers context and focus. Below are some examples of how you might do that for students and for teachers. For each example, notice how by just adding the because statement the feedback is immediately more useful and clear.

Feedback--You need to include more supporting details in this paragraph

Because… the more supporting details you have, the more persuasive and convincing your argument will be.

Feedback--You need to make sure that you are using the correct formula here.

Because... if you use the wrong formula, you will come to the wrong final number and come to the wrong conclusion.

Feedback--This is sloppy work.

Because...The reason that neatness is so important is that if I cannot read your writing, then I cannot determine whether or not you know the information.

Feedback--Your sentences are unclear.

Because...The reason that is such a big deal is that if I cannot understand your sentences, I cannot follow your train of thought.


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