Social Media in the Lanier Cluster

Hashtags and retweets and networking! Oh, my!


Get connected and let others know about the great projects and lessons going on in your room, your school, and your cluster!

In the Lanier Cluster, the most frequently used forms of social media are: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Remind.

##Lemme do a hashtag! ##

What is a hash tag?

A hash tag is simply a way for people to search for social media messages that have a common topic and to begin a conversation.

For those teachers (parents and students) using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,

start using the hashtag:


Add YOUR social media handles to a database of our Lanier Cluster colleagues that use social media. Connect with other teachers when you post!

*After more colleagues have added their information, we will tweet or publish the link again.

Internet Safety With Social Media In Our Classrooms!

  • The GCPS Media Release Form asks that parents who do not want their children featured in photos and presentations return the form to be filed in the student's file.
  • Use common sense when posting photos of students on social media!
  • Some safety suggestions include: Only the teacher may post photos on social media. The photos might need to only feature projects or backs of heads instead of faces. Make posts with just text and hashtags (minus photos).
  • Any suggestions or ideas you use in your classroom, please share via social media--don't forget to add: #LanierCluster

Share Your Great Work With the World!

Below is a link to a document that contains handles and hashtags for GCPS departments, GCPS officials, outside business contacts, and more!

*Including these groups, businesses, and organizations can help spread the word about the amazing work our students in the Lanier Cluster are producing! Let their lights shine.