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Welcome to my 3rd online newsletter which I created by using a web-based tool called Smore. Smore is a great way to create newsletters, flyers and invitations. It's user friendly and it's free! Check it out at I will be updating this (mobile ready) newsletter periodically to educate you on what's happening in the Library Media Center in terms of learning resources, new books, reading programs, research projects, tech tips, special events and other news. Happy Reading!!

Kate Tibbitts

Library Media Specialist

Happy New Year News!

What's new in the Library Media Center . . .

1. Author-in-Residence:

The Chaffee Loves to Read (CLTR) Committee is thrilled to announce that Steven Kellogg will be our author-in-residence on Thursday, May 14, 2015!! Steven is an American author and illustrator who has created more than 90 children's books. His works center around highly detailed pen and ink drawings that are colored to varying degrees. Prominent works include the "Pinkerton" the Great Dane set, the "Million . . . " titles, and The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash and sequels. His first book was published in 1967. The CLTR Committee will be sending out an email soon outlining the plan for all classroom teachers to read Steven's most recent book, Snowflakes Fall, a collaboration with acclaimed author Patricia MacLachlan. This book is a celebration of life and a moving tribute to the qualities that make each individual unique. Snowflakes Fall was written after the tragic events that took place in Newtown, where Steven lived and raised his family for 35 years.

2. Bagels & Books:

Our second Bagels & Books workshop was held on December 9th . . . and based on the feedback we gleaned from the Google survey, it was very well received. We had over 20 faculty join us to discuss and model questioning/discussion techniques, as well as close reading with complex texts. Lesson plans were provided which enabled teachers to walk out of the Library Media Center with a brand new Common Core aligned lesson plan to use in their classrooms. It was such a nice way to start the day with colleagues! Our next Bagels & Books session will be held on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH AT 7:50AM in the LMC. Mark your calendars!!

2. Britannica Online:

Did you know that we have a subscription to an online encyclopedia called Britannica Online? It supports differentiated learning and the nonfiction content is aligned to the Common Core and State Standards. The informational text selections are written, edited, reviewed and updated regularly by the world's leading content experts. Thousands of new articles, images and multimedia elements are added every quarter. In addition, the Lesson Plan Builder helps create interactive activities for small and large groups that demonstrate instructional purpose for learning targets.

Go to RC Library Catalog-->Britannica Online. The username is RC4 and the password is 123qwe.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns . . . and how I can help!