Parkdale Elementary Weekly Update


This Week...

We survived a pretty crazy week last week. I hope you all found some rest this weekend.

Have a great week,


Thank You...

  • Thank you to Debbie, Kristi, Jasmin, Elise, Mara, Shelly, Holly, Luis for helping to get state testing kicked off last week. This can be stressful. I appreciate how our staff works together and supports each other through these times.
  • Thank you to Juan, Terry, and Heidi for their extra efforts this week getting ready for after school events like the school board meeting and the health fair.
  • Thank you to all the ExCEL staff for their efforts in getting ready for the health fair. Thank you for making signs and to Jasmin for making the ExCEL video. Ask Jasmin to show you the video if you haven't seen it yet!

School Board Meeting on Wednesday and Budget Update

Thank you to Rosemary, Susan, Shelly, and Holly for attending the board meeting on Wednesday. I enjoyed the opportunity to recognize the success of our 1st (of many to come) Oregon Battle of the Books program.

Dan Goldman shared a budget update with us that I wanted to pass along. The original amount of money the district was being required to cut (nearly 1 million) has been reduced significantly based on an increased revenue calculation from the state as well as savings the district has made in a few areas, especially the savings around the school day start and stop time. This all means that, for now at least, things aren't looking as grim as they were a week ago.

Health Fair a Huge Success!

Thanks to the Parkdale Health and Wellness Committee (members include Alison Betting, Ali Donnelly, Jeanne Sreenan, Mike McCafferty, Anna Osborn, Yesenia Castro, and Gus) for their work on the Health Fair on Thursday night. Alison especially worked hard to bring over 20 agencies or representatives to our gym to present health related information to the community. It was well attended, informative, and fun!

Wy'east Band Music Performance

Monday, April 27th, 12:45-1:15pm


Gus or Heidi will make an announcement when it is time to escort students to the gym.

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Events This Week...

Monday 4/27

12:45 PM – Wy’East Band/Chior


Tuesday 4/28

7:00 AM - Safety Meeting

4/5 Testing

2:15–3:15 5th Grade Teacher Meeting with Wy'east Counselor - Shelly's Room


Wednesday 4/29

4/5 Testing

2:15 – 3:00 p.m. – Gr. 4 & 5 - Beg. Ukulele

2:20 p.m. Teacher Meeting


Thursday 4/30

4/5 Testing



Friday 5/1

4/5 Testing


11:00 – 11:40 AM - 4/5 Specials - Mountain Man Presentation

Upcoming Dates

· 5/4 TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK (Tuesday Teacher Day)


· 5/4 9:30 AM – Fire Drill

· 5/4 2:30 – Site Council Meeting

· 5/5 4/5 Testing

· 5/5 Kindergarten – Wonder Works Children Museum

· 5/6 4/5 Testing

· 5/6 All Staff Meeting

· 5/7 8:00 AM ALL SCHOOL Panoramic Photo

· 5/7 Kinder – Student Led Conferences


· 5/8 Tasting Table – Green Beans

· 5/8 Grade 3 Testing

Have a great week!!

Parkdale Staff Feedback Form - Click Here!

Use this form to give Gus feedback about how things are going and what you need.