Angy Sage

The Beginning

In the beginning there's a women named Marcia who is the #1 sorceress and #1 witch. She is the queens protector because there are assassins who want to kill her. The queen gives birth to a girl named Janet. One day the queen was on her throne holding Janet, then a assassin with silver bullets and a silver gun comes barging in and shot the queen. Marcia was paralyzed with shock. When the queen fell of her throne, Janet went flying threw the air and Marcia dived in to catch Janet. Marcia knew there was only one more person she could trust because he was also a sorcerer or wizard/warlock.

In The Middle

After Marcia knew Janet wasn't safe, Marcia took Janet to her old friend because she knew Jake (A.KA her old friend) would take Janet in. When she found him walking home she put Janet down where she knew he would find her. (TIME SKIP 10 YEARS LATER) On Janet's 10th birthday Marcia would come back and get Janet from jake. The heaps (thats his last name)

were celebrating Janet's birthday but then Marcia comes and tries to reason with jake to let Janet come with her, finally he he agrees. When Marcia and Janet are at the castle Jake and his son Niko come and try to be with Janet. Then a assassin comes and tries to kill Janet too like her mother. They escape and try to hide Janet while trying to find the assassin to kill him.

The End

Read and find out what happens. READ!!!!!!!!!