Goddess Of Silence

Who is She?

Calypso was the daughter of father Titan Atlas and mother Tethys. She was sent to the island of Ogygia as a prisoner because she supported her father in the battle between the Titans and Olympians. She was at the island all by herself until hero, Odysseus, was washed up the shores of the island. Calypso was so lonely and looking for love so she offered him a deal that if he stayed there, she would give him immortality and eternal youth. He refused because he wanted to go home and see his wife and kids so she kept him as a prisoner on the island. Calypso kept him for over seven years and fell in love with him. she also had two kids with Odysseus, Nausithoos and Nausinoos. But Athena told Zues what Calypso was doing and Zues ordered Calypso, not only so set him free but to help him build a boat and provide food for the journey. Calypso was heart broken so she tried to kill herself multiple times but she was immortal so she just severely hurt herself.


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