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Update from Kuna Superintendent Wendy Johnson


In this update:

  • COVID Update
  • Great first week back! Planning for staggered return to full-time learning at school
  • Shout out to our operations team for keeping us clean!
  • Free meals for remote learning days; Look for pre-order for pick up form in email/text Monday
  • Accessing tech support from home
  • No school Monday, Sept. 7! Blue Schedule attends in person Friday, Sept. 11: See schedule below
  • When can parents watch sporting events in person?

COVID-19 update

Kuna families

As you all know COVID-19 is in our community. To keep our community and staff informed, we will be communicating with you each week about the number of positive or probable COVID-19 cases.

The data below does not reflect those individuals who are quarantining due to possible exposure or who voluntarily stay home due to self-monitoring.

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While we have two confirmed positive cases and one probable case this week, the good news is that our safety practices of face coverings and physical distancing has prevented mass quarantining of entire grade levels or schools.

We must remain vigilant in practicing physical distancing, wearing face coverings and washing our hands so that students may remain at school.

Protocols for potential exposure

Individuals who may have been exposed to an individual during the contagious period will be contacted by Central District Health who will provide guidance. Only those with close contact with an infected person -- defined as within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes -- will be contacted.

What if my student wasn’t in close contact but did attend the same class?

If someone has attended class with a confirmed or potentially infected person but isn't considered a high-risk for exposure, the school district will notify you so that you are aware and can monitor for symptoms. The following letters were sent this week:

Students or staff who have symptoms identified in this chart should stay home from school and contact their healthcare provider.

We must continue to be diligent in practicing our safety protocols -- in school, at home and in the community:

  • keep at least 6 feet of space between yourself and others

  • wear a face covering that completely covers your nose and mouth irrespective of whether physical distancing can be maintained unless a person is alone in a private office or room with doors closed

  • wash your hands often

  • do not touch your face

Great first week back! Planning for staggered return to full time learning at school

We are wrapping a fantastic return to school. It was delightful to have our students back in our classrooms and in our online only program.

Thank you for all you did to prepare students to come back to school during this time.

In our schools, our students did a terrific job with the new procedures to sanitize and wash their hands, follow physical distancing expectations, and wearing their masks. They learned more about the online tools for their remote learning days and our E-Days.

I just wrapped up a quick round of visits to see how our first Friday "E-Day" where our many of our Blue and Gold groups met virtual for the first time.

I am grateful for starting in the hybrid model so our students and staff can become comfortable with the safety protocols AND everyone will learn how to use our online learning tools.

The efforts this month will give us a strong foundation to support and prepare for bringing students back full time as the spread of the virus drops in our county.

Tuesday, I will review our reopening plan with the Board of Trustees. You may recall, it includes how we would begin to stagger the return of students to full time in person learning beginning with the youngest grades.

Our plans hinge on the health of the community continuing to improve! THANK YOU for washing your hands, wearing a mask, and following physical distancing.

Shout out to our operations teams for keeping us clean!

Our bus drivers, custodians, and teachers (& students) are implementing new protocols as part of efforts to make sure we can stay healthy and stay open! Thank you!

Free meals for remote learning days; Look for pre-order for pick up form in email/text Monday

We received notice from the State Department of Education that districts we can provide free meals (breakfast/lunch combo) for our students on their remote learning days.

Our nutrition team will ask families to pre-order meals for pick up on Fridays at Kuna High School.

  • Our Gold/Blue students can receive three days of meals (The other two days they eat at school).
  • Our Kuna virtual students can receive five days of meals.
  • Students not enrolled in our schools for example preschools can receive five days of meals.

We are trying a new process and we appreciate your patience as we try something new.

On Monday, families will get an email/text with the meal pre-order form.

Accessing tech support from home

Our tech department is available to support your family during the days students are working at home. Accessing this support may be done one of two ways:

  • Call our helpline by calling 208-472-9710 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Alternatively, you can email your student's teacher with details on the issue you are having and ask them to put in a help desk ticket.

No school Monday, Sept. 7! Blue Schedule attends in person Friday, Sept. 11: See schedule below

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When can parents watch sporting events in person?

Central District Health Department announced that if all goes well during the next few days, the “alert” level for schools will change from red to yellow - that means the group sizes at public events like football games will increase and we can allow limited spectators at our events.

We’d start with these priorities within our group size limits:

  1. Parents of senior athletes & cheerleaders

  2. Parents & family members of all athletes

  3. Senior student body members

  4. Pep band

  5. Additional students

  6. Additional patrons

Superintendent Wendy Johnson

I am a superintendent of an amazing school district in Kuna, Idaho. I love serving children, teachers and families and having an impact on the future. #ksdready&resilient #ksdempower #futureready