Siegrist Staff Newsletter

March 18, 2016

Parent communication

For the remainder of the year we are going to try something that we hope will allow administration support you with parent communication. If you are keeping a child in for recess or lunch to complete homework or classwork, tutoring, behavior, etc, please email both the PARENT and your TEAM ADMIN. After talking with a couple of teachers this action is being used as an intervention, and should be tracked as one. Is it helping the student? Are scores improving after this intervention? With all of the resurfacing information regarding students' need for recess, we want to make sure that we are doing what is best for students, and tracking the impact will help us as we move to SST on some students.

At this time all you need to do is let parents and admin know every time a child stays in for recess or lunch. We will do all of the tracking. The remainder of the year will help us determine if this is a useful form of communication and intervention for academic related behaviors.

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Thanks in advance!

Road Construction

Beginning this week (just got the letter on Tuesday) the City will be working on Thomas. The beginning work will be focused on curb and driveway work and at times will congest the traffic on this road. In April they will resurface the road which also will causes issues with traffic. I just wanted you to know that arrival/dismissal may be affected and should be considered when planning your route to and from work. GOTTA LOVE SPRING CONSTRUCTION :)


If you keep up with the BOE minutes and the Details from the DEC you probably recall that recently the district engaged in retro fitting all of the district lights to use 15 year bulbs (LED) which are more energy efficient. Siegrist is the first school to receive the lighting. You may have come into work and wondered why the lighting was so much more clear and bright. I certainly noticed that it makes our hallways shine and look much brighter. Many teachers have light filters on your fixtures. PLEASE DO NOT put paper filters inside the fixtures. You may choose to reattach the filters on the outside if you wish. DO NOT attempt to change or fidget with the lights. The bulbs and ballasts are very expensive and we need to leave that work to the professionals. After looking at the first classrooms that had installations done this week, we decided to change the bulbs so they are facing up rather than down for less direct lighting. I, for one, am thrilled with the clean look it gives our classrooms although I recognize that is personal taste. Some may not want as many lights on or may choose to cover the lights with approved material and that is fine, too.

Important Dates Coming Up...

Monday, 3/21- Friday 3/25


Monday, 3/28

Black out day

Reports card emailed home

Tuesday, 3/29

Admin out for meetings in the afternoon

Wednesday, 3/30

Team meetings

Thursday, 3/31

New Seigrist staff meeting 4:30pm at Coordinates location

Friday, 4/1


Hoops for Heart Open Gym 4pm-6pm



Congratulations to Mrs. Richardson and her family. They are expecting #3 in late 2016!!!! Yippy! Time to add another baby Pirate!


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