Getting to know lesly

Aren't you lucky

About ME !

  • My name is Lesly (obviously )
  • My birthday is on July 23 .
  • I have just one sibling and his name is Anthony .
  • i REALLY LOVE MUSIC ,Adventure ,Mystery ,and just having fun in general.

Still me

  • I would say i see my personality as a person who sees things from a different perspective and is silly yet loving .
  • I'm friendly ,caring , understanding,and help people in any way i can (problem fixer )
  • My plans after high school is to go to college.
  • i like Alternative rock music ,my favorite color is black .
  • My best friends are Megan, Brynn, Andrea,Saul,and my mom.
  • I love horror movies i like the feeling you get and one of my favorite actors is Johnny Depp .
  • Some things i like to do when i'm not at school is just to hang out whether its with friends or just family .

MY ride or die people

More of me...

  • I went to Florida , Orlando (Disney world) for my birthday last year it was amazing we even went to an island close by called Ana Maria Island.
  • I like volleyball ,basketball, football, and I've even played baseball when i was younger.
  • My favorite class is theater because i see a future for me there .
  • Things i do for fun is chill or go out with my friends .