Biography By Jalen M

Early Life

Drake was the world's only black Jewish Canadian rap star, he was born Aubrey Drake Graham on October 24,1986 in Toronto, Canada. Drake grew up with music in his blood. His dad Dennis Graham was a drummer for legendary rock star Jerry Lee Lewis, Drake said his mother Sandi Graham has a musical family also. Drake's dad is African American Catholic and his mother is white Canadian Jew, Drake says at the end of the day he considers his self black because he is more immersed in black culture than any other, he also says that being Jewish is cool it makes it him unique. When Drake was only 5 years old his parents got a divorce, and Drake was raised by his mother in Forest Hill, it was a Jewish Toronto neighborhood by the age of 13 Drake had a Bar Mitzvah and watched the Jewish High Holy Days with his mother.
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'Degrassi' Star

Because of one of Drake's classmates he became interested in entertainment industry. Drake had a friend in his class that had a dad that was a agent, the agent told his son if there is anyone that makes you laugh have them audition for him. After the audition he became Drake's agent. Drake became a actor, a role in a Canadian teen drama series Degrassi. It was about teenagers that ent to Degrassi High School, Drake played as Jimmy Brooks sometimes called " Wheelchair Jimmy" a basketball star who is stuck in a wheelchair because he is shot by a classmate. He acted in Degrassi for 7 years 2001 to 2009 earning a 2002 Young Artist Award for best ensemble in a TV series. While still staring on Degrassi he was trying to get into Hip Hop he released his first mixtape Room for improvement in 2006. The producers of Degrassi eliminated Drake's character, after not getting money from the cartoon anymore and not making enough money from rapping Drake was going to have to get a day job. Later Drake got a unexpected call from Rap Star Lil Wayne, and he asked Drake to board a flight to Houston that night to join his tour.
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Chart-Topping Success

On June 15,2011 Drake made his first full studio album "Thank Me Later" and was number 1 American Canadian album and has been certified Platinum. Later in November 2011 Drake made a second studio album, Take care which had songs like Headlines, The Motto, Make Me Proud, And Take Care. The album met acclaim and Drake won the 2013 Grammy award for best Rap album and more others.
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Research questions

Drake has a positive effect on the world because he makes people happy with his music.

Some events that changed him was him being in a cartoon and he starting rapping.

He is talented, crazy funny, great rapper.

Drake had to face some bad things when his parents got a divorce he was only 5, when he got to the cartoon later they cut his character and he had problems with money.

I choose Drake because he has talent and he is cool and a great rapper.

He is special because he started from the bottom and now he is at the top and rapping.

I Learned that Drake's first name is Aubrey.

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