Nuclear Holocaust Survival Guide

By: Tanner Wood, Kolton Gebert, Aaron Hsu


  • the inner walls will be made out of 3 meters of cement and 6 inches of lead to stop the gamma and x-rays
  • and the outer walls will be made out of an inch of plastic because it is weather resistant and it blocks alpa and beta rays.
  • the dimensions will be 100ft long by 100ft wide by 30 ft tall
  • The waste will be removed in an incinerator that releases the smoke and smell through a chimney


To constantly be cycling the air in the shelter, there will be hydrophonic plants that will use the carbon dioxide in the room created when we breath to create oxygen for the animals and humans.


  • we will use the fish and livestock to sustain ourselves as they reproduce
  • examples being cows and pigs
  • we can use the cows for milk/cheese or meat


  • water will be obtained by collecting rainwater into tanks

  • water would be purified by boiling it as needed from the tank which kills all of the bacteria and radiated materials in it.

  • another way of filtering it would be using purification tablets

Nuclear fission/ Fusion

  • nuclear fiission is the breaking apart of an atom
  • uranium is always undergoing fission at a very slow rate
  • nuclear fusion is the binding of atoms
  • both cause a huge amount of energy to be released which is why they are used to power huge power plants.
How to Survive a Nuclear Terrorist Attack


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