Lee- Peacock feud

By: Mason , Ethan , Carter, and Jonathan

Who is involved?

Bob Lee (right) and Lewis Peacock (below)
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What started the feud?

Peacock "arrested" for crimes he committed in the civil war while fighting for the confederacy. He was extorted for money instead of taken to the authorities.

Where did the feud take place?

The events mainly took place in northern Texas.

When did the feud take place?

Directly after the civil war, when Bob Lee returned to his home.

How long did it last?

1856- May 24, 1869, around 13 years.

What ended the feud?

Lee was betrayed by one of his men and shot down by a unit of cavalry sent by the union to capture him.

Were there any other casualties besides Lee?

After the soldiers returned to Texas, where the feud took place, a "mini civil war" took place. Although only around 50 people actually died, it was a big deal for neighbors to fight each other.