New Lake Highlands school rules

Great new rules!!!

There are many new rules that this great school is implementing next year for our senior year. Not only are they great rules, but they didn't even think about our opinions, or ask for our input while creating these great new rules! All just give a summary of to outcome for us of these great new rules that we had no say on. Well for one all the former grades that have graduated before my class of 2017, have gotten to take only the necessary classes they need to take. But, we have to spend all 7 periods at school maximizing the amount of time we will be doing nothing and not being productive, while we could be spending our prime years of our teenage life outside or working making money for college next year, but I mean who wants to do that when you can sit in a classroom surrounded by random people while listening to a seamlessly endless lecture about something we will never use later in our life. Also we have to be at school earlier next year, which I mean who wouldn't want to get to school earlier minimizing the amount of sleep we already barely get enough of. Why would we want to sleep during the time where our bodies are going through puberty and even doctors say we need the most rest in these years of our lives. Also we are going to have even more students in the high school giving us instead of a comfortable 3 inches of space in the hallways, now it will be a spacious 1 inch while walking to your next class. Also we are going to have less time for lunch, which means less social time for us to develop! And who needs to develop their social skills as a teenager, because we won't need to communicate with anyone later in our lives so that isn't important! These are just some

Of the great new rules that we will get to endure next year making our senior year an unforgettable terrific experience!