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I started the P90X3 journey along with Shakeology seven weeks ago and I feel amazing! I was intrigued but skeptical about the 30 minute workout. As a working professional, I always found that I was on again and off again with my workouts. I would get on the treadmill at an hour at a time when I could fit it in. As soon as work or life got in the way, it felt like a set back. I would beat myself up about missing my workouts. It was a constant on again, off again pattern.

P90X3 has provided me with a new focus. I force myself to find 30 minutes a day. There is no excuse anymore. Truth be told, I have late meetings or a social gathering that requires me to skip a workout. I use that as my off day and get back to my workouts. This is really amazing! As you do the workout, the first ten minutes is rough. Before you know it, you are down to ten minutes and then the burnout and done!

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