Persevere and You can Make it

Created By: Adam Ouabi

What Perseverance is and why it is important.

Perseverance is never giving up and to keep on trying to reach your goal. NO matter how hard it is and what adversity you have to go through you never give up. The purpose of this is to show how important perseverance is and how anyone can persevere. The people who I will be covering is Jackie Robinson, Nick Vujicic, Jimmy V, Noah Galloway and The Donner Party.
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How Jackie persevered

Jackie was harassed by people who didn't want him in baseball. He was Tormented by players and civilians for no good reason. But he still played baseball and never gave up. Through all the adversity he became a national icon for African Americans all around the country. Jackie Robinson is the definitive reason why race does not matter.
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Jimmy's Steps in Life

IN 1968-69 Jimmy led john-Hopkins university to its first winning season in 24 years.

In 1972-1975 he went to Bucknell university and had an average career. He then went to Iona university where he stayed for 5 years and had a record of 99 wins to 47 losses and led the team to 2 NCAA appearances. In 1980-1990 he was the head coach of N.C state and led his team to a national championship and had a winning record of 209 and a losing record of 114. In 1992 Jimmy was diagnosed with terminal cancer and did not have much time left. At 1993 he was at the espys and gave a speech that is still used today and is very memorable. On April of 1993 Jimmy passed away but even after his passing he was inducted in the hall of fame of Rutgers university and the New York basketball hall of fame.

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The Donner Party's Problem and Solution

The Donner party wanted to go to California for a better life. So they got a huge group of people and traveled to California. Though after a while things got harder and they were trapped in a cold winter with barely any food left. Later, they were so desperate they resorted to cannibalism which solved their hunger problem. Now after sending some people for a rescue mission they got out safely and went back to their normal lives.


The movie 42

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Nick V video that was shown in class

Dancing with the stars.