Boston Massacre/Cornwallis events

Boston Massacre and Cornwallis surrender events

Boston Massacre march 5,1770

The Boston massacre was when the British army accidentally killed 5 males and injured 6.

Battle of Alamance May 16, 1771

Battle of Alamance was a battle in north Carolina and was about taxation and local control.

Gaspee Affair June 9, 1772

jurThis was a big point in the american revolution when a British had been involved in a anti-smuggling operation that was ran aground in shallow water

Boston Tea Party December 16,1773

This is when a group of people throw bags of tea of the ship because of the tea act.

Boston Port Act March 31,1774

This act was make because of the Boston Tea Party. This is to protect Great Britain's jurisdiction.

Battles of Lexington and Concored April 19, 1775

It was the first military engagement of the American Revolutionary War between the Great British and the 13 of its colonies.

Battle of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775

Is one of the earlier battles of the American Revolutionary war.

Battle of Iron Works December 22, 1776

The Battle Of Iron Works was a minor skirmishes that was during the American war of Independence

Battle of The Assunpink Creek January 27, 1777

The battle of The Assunpink Creek was in new jersey between American and British troops.

Treaty of Alliance February 6,1778

France and united states of American made an defenses alliance so that the french military will help fight with them in the American Revolutionary war.

Battle of Stony Point July 16, 1779

George Washington group did an night attack during the american revolutionary war

Cornwallis Surrender October 19,1781

This is when the British surrender to the Americans/French in the American Revolution