Expand school lunches times

Yes, Yes we shoud

Big lunches

Lunches can be quite big and some times it's hard for you to finish because it is such a big lunch, and it takes a while to eat.

Long lines

Once you get to lunch the lines can get pretty big and they move slowly.Plus lots of people cut to the front so it takes longer.


Reasons why we shouldn't change the times


  • You don't need to spend so much time talking
  • Don't play with your food

Why we should.

We should expand the school lunches times because it gives more time to eat. The lines can be long and others think they should cut to the front. That means that you have to wait in line for almost half the time your there or even more!
I my self think we should expand school lunches. The reason I think we should is because I have dealt with the fact that i cant finish my lunch. I hope you have learned from this