Roberts Library Update

Week of October 21

Library Lessons This Week

PreK and Kinder: Create a spider book

1st and 2nd: Author's Purpose and complete pixel art Students WILL Need Chromebooks!

3rd and 4th: Summarizing and Comparing Stories. Students will NOT need Chromebooks!

Student Selection Committee This Thursday!

The following students will meet with me Thursday to begin our student selection committee process.

Peyton Yeager

Taviod Delgado

Kevin Le

Damien Harrison

Cale Oler

Russell Funk

Nicole Gilliam

Addaly Leyva Rodriguez

J'Ace Higgins

Congratulations to the Following AR Star Classes:

First: Mrs. Sanders' class - 96% average

Second: Mrs. Richards' class - 92% average

Third: Mrs. Diehl's class - 85 % average

Fourth: Mrs. Kneupper's Class - 88% average

Congratulations to the Following AR Star Students:

First: Anthony Sealy - 9.4 points!

Second: Easton Loring 7.4 points!
Third: Blair Mafo 6.5 points!

Fourth: Hazel Meservy 41 points!

Classes Currently in the Lead:

First: Mrs. Cramm's class - 92 points!

Second: Mrs. Mitchamore's class - 56 points!

Third: Mrs. Cartmill's class - 33.5 points

Fourth: Mrs. Kneupper - 134 points!

JiJi Stars

This week's target syllabus progress was 20%. Congrats to the following classes who met or beat that goal:

Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Carter

Mrs. Richards - both classes

Mrs. Sanders

Mrs. Matthews

Mrs. Riley

Mrs. Williams

Mrs. Murray - group 1

Mrs. Cartmill - group 1

Mrs. Kneupper -2 groups

Mrs. Breaux - all groups