ELA: Terms To Know

Destiny Montgomery

Connotation and Denotation

Connotation is the feeling a word has in addition to the literal meaning.

Denotation is the actual definition or meaning of the word.

The website below is a rap that will help you remember and understand the difference between denotation and connotation.


Point of View

First person is when the character in the story is speaking out loud or telling events that is happening use I, me, and we.

Second Person is when the narrator is telling a story of another character by using "you".

Third Person Limited is when the narrator knows the thoughts of one character and uses "they", "he", and "she".

Third Person Omniscient is when the narrator knows all the thoughts and feeling of every character in the story.

The website below is a video that will help you remember the difference between first, second, third limited, and third omniscient point of views.


Simile and Metaphor

Simile is when you are comparing one thing to a different kind of thing using "like" or "as".

Metaphor is when something is a comparison of one thing to another without using the words, like or as.

Types of Poetry

Lyric is when the poet writes and emotional, rhyming poem.

Epic is a long, narrative poem that is about a heroic deed or event that is significant to the poet's culture.

Narrative is a poem that tells a story and uses the voices of characters and narrators.

The websites below will help you better understand and have examples of lyric, epic, and narrative poems.







To remember these three types of poems just remember...

A lyric poem is written like a song that is experiencing who the poet feels.

An epic poem is when something EPIC such as a heroic event has an effect on the poet's culture.

A narrative poem is telling a story and narrators tell stories.

Commonplace Assertion, Opinion, and Fact

Commonplace Assertion is an assertion that is said to be true by most people but isn't proven.

Opinion is a judgment or view made about something or someone.

Fact is something that is proven.

This is a prezi made by Jessica Selmser and also a chart that explains a little more of what commonplace assertion, facts, and opinions are.