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Christmas Cheer from Santa and His Elf

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It's Going to be a Cowboy Christmas at Wilson Next Week!

'Twas the week before Christmas,

And all through the school,

The educators were trying

To just keep their cool.

The principals’ brains were spinning around

What gifts can we share to make their joy abound

These educators are beyond compare

and Nester and Betsy want them to know they truly care.

On Monday, start searchin’ for holiday shapes

Look carefully cause the prizes will be great!

Wear cowboy boots, jeans, and holiday shirts

to kick off the holiday season.

Sonic drinks and candy will help you relax, smile, and reason.

On Tuesday, you’ll be decked out galore

in your Christmas accessories, jeans, and more

Have a hankerin’ for yummy delights?

Crave Popcorn will fit that bill just right!

On Wednesday, adorn those jeans and festive holiday attire

Then romp by the lounge to lunch on some of

Cookie's 'licious chili and baked potato treasures!

Thursday’s gift will make you tip your

Wilson Ranger hat!

Come January, you'll be able to kick up your feet

durin' a duty free lunch and that's that!

Ugly Christmas sweaters and jeans, again

always make weary teachers grin!

Tappy’s yogurt will be in the lounge, my dear,

'Fore we wrangle together for holiday cheer.

Don’t miss the party at Vivian’s homestead

Door prizes, white elephant gifts, dances, and snacks will keep you fed!

Nester’s hot chocolate will be waitin’ for you

Friday mornin’ when you arrive in your jammies-Woooohooo!

Wilson Rangers, as you continue to lead the way

Just remember to relax and have a safe and wonderful holiday!

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From Our Reading Elves

Guided Reading Thoughts…

Guided reading is a process by which the teacher works with a small group of children at similar levels of development, using texts that are carefully matched to their needs and provides instructional support to build reading strategies and increase independence.

Lori Jamison, Best-selling author, internationally renowned educator and speaker

Guided reading is characterized by:

· Working with groups of no more than 4-6 learners--When teachers work with small groups, they are able to identify the strategies each child is using and where instruction is needed. Group interaction enables students to learn from one another; talking in groups takes learning to a higher level.

· Using texts at the instructional level of the students in the groupThe text should be chosen to provide just the right balance of challenge and support- so that students can read most of it with the strategies they have, but provides opportunities for a small amount of new learning.

· Focusing on the reading strategies students need at a particular point in their development—Instruction focuses on what the students need to know, rather than what a textbook says should come next.

· Frequent and consistent monitoring of progress—Running records, anecdotal records, informal observations, and other assessments help teachers determine what students know and can do, and what they need to learn next.

· Keeping groups flexible and dynamic—Students are placed in groups according to their reading levels and strategy use, as determined by the teacher’s ongoing assessments. Groups change as students grow.

· Striving to build independent, fluent readers—The instructional focus is on reading strategies, not just questions and activities around a particular text.

From Fine-Tune Your Guided Reading: Organization, Instruction and Management Strategies That Work!

By Lori Jamison

Santa's To-Do List


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