Casa Italiana

Weekly Newsletter

A special note from Dr. Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander:

Cari Amici,

After several meetings with Nazareth College's Dean and associate Dean, and in order to comply with the State's requirements regarding COVID-19, the College arrived at the sad, but necessary conclusion, that Casa Italiana will not be able to open its doors this Fall for in house programs. But, don't worry! We are working on putting together a wonderful and culturally rich program for you all.

We will resume with our weekly movies mid August, and in early September we will have an entire program focusing on Sicily, its writers, enchanting places, food and history.

Our Book Club will also resume in the Fall with the addition of a second possibility, reading and discussing books in Italian! I also would like to receive your suggestions in what Casa Italiana can do to keep our Friends connected.

Cari Amici, this is also the perfect time for me to thank all of you for your passion for everything Italian, a passion that mirrors my own and thus, gives me the strength to keep going.

Grazie a tutti.

Maria Rosaria

Coast to Coast: from Naples to Palermo by boat, bus, and on foot!

Casa Italiana's 2021 Trip will be to the Amalfi Coast and Sicily!

The dates will be June 1st - June 14th (13 nights).

More details on the cost and places to visit to come!

Italian Language Courses via Zoom

Our Italian Language & Literature Courses will be offered online again through Zoom for the fall semester. Classes will begin the week of August 31st and finish the week of November 16th, running for a total of 12 weeks. We hope you will join us!


  • To register, please email Casa Italiana at for payment instructions.
  • Cost: $228 for Casa members, $276 for non-members.
  • After registration and prior to the start of classes, instructors will provide the Zoom links for the courses to all participants via email.

Level I: Italian Language & Culture

Instructor: Kelsey Andrychuk

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-7pm

The goal of this course is to develop students’ basic communicative competence through reading, grammatical exercises, and oral participation. Students will be able to handle uncomplicated communicative situations and survive in the Italian culture. Conversational topics will include every day activities, short discussion of assigned material, as well as recreating restaurant situations and other events.

*Please note that this course will also be a continuation of the Level I Summer class.

Textbook: Prego! An Invitation to Italian, edition 7, by Graziana Lazzarino, Andrea Dini, and Maria Cristina Peccianti. McGraw Hill, 2007.

Level II: Italian Language & Culture

Instructor: Ryan Morano

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-7pm

In this course, we will continue learning about the structure and aspects of the Italian language. The focus of this course is to review both basic and advanced grammar, as well as enhance vocabulary and comprehensive skills through reading of culturally-based articles and short stories. The goal of this course is to help students find balance between understanding the important aspects of grammar, as well as develop language skills and vocabulary that one is likely to use in the real world. Basic knowledge of Italian or completion of Italian Level I is recommended.

*Please note that this course will also be a continuation of the Level II Summer class.

Textbook: Prego! An Invitation to Italian, edition 7, by Graziana Lazzarino, Andrea Dini, and Maria Cristina Peccianti. McGraw Hill, 2007.

Level III: Advanced Italian Language & Culture

Instructor: Dr. Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander

Tuesdays, 6-8pm

This course is meant for those who already have a fair understanding of the language and its structure. The course will focus on the spoken language, and encourages rapid mastery of the basic structures and vocabulary of contemporary Italian. Italian will be used exclusively in class focusing on dialogue situations which will build skills in personalized contexts. Conversations and drills will be fostered through the use of popular music, art, cinema, regional cuisine and from everyday Italian life and culture.

Level IV: Ignazio Silone e l'Italia del Fascismo

Instructor: Dr. Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander

Mondays, 6-8pm

This course we will focus on two of the works of the writer Ignazio Silone, Fontamara and Pane e vino, as well as review specific grammatical structure and rules.

The first work, Fontamara, became the very symbol of resistance and a document of anti-fascism propaganda outside Italy in the late 1930s. Pane e vino, written in 1938 while in exile, depicts difficulties of active resistance to the Fascist State in prewar Italy.

Ci "vediamo" presto!