"And they lived happily ever after"

Amazing American weddings. By Silvia & Linda

A symbol of endless love

Rings are symbols of the eternity and endlessness…thus a never-ending marriage. Rings can be made of gold, platinum and other metals. Some are encrusted with jewels to signify the value of a couple’s love. Some couples have their names or messages engraved on the rings before the wedding. During the wedding ceremony, the Ring Boy (also often called the Ring Bearer) takes the rings up on a pillow so the bride and groom can exchange rings.

Some pictures about rings...

The beautiful bride

The wedding dress is usually white or ivory, as this symbolizes purity.
A black wedding gown was considered taboo in the last decades, but recently, this is also becoming an option for brides too.
The common superstition these days regarding the wedding dress is that the groom is not supposed to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding day, as in Italy.
There is also the superstition for the bride to avoid wearing the dress before the day and see herself in the mirror because something to prevent the wedding may happen.

Wedding Location

Weddings are traditionally held in places of worship. Churches, chapels and temples are usual venues to get married. Some couples pick a place of worship because of its excellent artistic or historical attributes.

Some couples choose to get married where marriage licenses are easier to acquire, such as Las Vegas or a country with easy application process. Some couples choose to get married in their homes.

Other couples are more adventurous and pick an assortment of venues to exchange their "I Dos". Some want to hold their wedding outdoors. A pretty garden, the sea, a public park are beautiful places that will make a wedding memorable. Some couples have gotten married airborne, under the sea or up the mountains.

Typical wedding's gifts

Gift-giving is a customary American wedding tradition. Couples are often showered with sentimental presents and practical gifts that are opened at a gift-opening soon after the wedding ceremony. The typical American bride and groom will usually register for gifts at their favorite retailer to create a list of items they would like to have in their future home. This can simplify gift-giving for family and wedding guests, informing them of the couple's personal tastes and preferences. Gifts frequently include items that the couple will use around the house, from kitchenware to quilts (...)

The best end... with the big wedding cake!

The wedding cake is cut together by the couple during the wedding reception. This is the first act the couple does together as husband and wife.

The sweet wedding cake symbolizes caring and nurturance between the couple. Wedding cakes are also usually white, to symbolize purity but they can be :

•Fruit cakes
•Chocolate cakes
•Fondant cakes and
•Three-tiered cakes too.