"WE" make the difference!!

Nancy J Cochran Elementary

"You" make the difference!

Colts, we have had an amazing 1st six weeks. As we move forward, let's be purposeful and intentional in our planning. The leadership team has developed our Improvement Required Plan. This plan delineates how we will attack and get out of IR3. Know your data, plan with intent, and know your students. Inspire your students to do the best they can as we all become better at our craft.

This is our year, Cochran!

When you catch a teacher being great let us know! We want to recognize Cochran's amazing staff!!

Instructional Reminders

  • Instruction begins at 8am
  • UPDATE WORD WALLS as you teach
  • Agenda and timers help pace your instruction
  • Data meeting protocol and schedule will be sent out tomorrow
  • Students should be doing the majority of the work in your classroom

This Week

  • Leadership Meeting
  • Committee Meetings
  • SST/RTI Meetings with Ms. Brooks/Ms. Esquivel
  • Professional Development: Momentous Institute
  • Super 90 Planning Sessions on Wednesday
  • Parent Conferences on Thursday
  • Payday on Thursday
  • Visitors from Teaching & Learning on Friday
  • Garden Party on Friday
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