BTEC Sport (QCF) 2013-2014

BTEC Level 3 Sport Ultimate Spreadsheet

BTEC Level 3 Sport Ultimate Spreadsheet

We have a spreadsheet available for the Level 3 BTEC National Sport Qualification.

The Level 3 BTEC National Sport Tracking spreadsheet allows you to track progress through all of the units that you follow from the Level 3 specification.

The spreadsheet will reduce your workload and allow you to accurately track how well your learners are progressing on an individual and group basis. You can also review individual assessments, grading criteria and unit scores as well as gain a superb overview of progress throughout the course.

Learner information only needs to be entered once on the spreadsheet and this is automatically transferred into each unit, saving you time.

The spreadsheet allows you to monitor progress and record achievement for both the externally and internally assessed units.

It uses a simple learner interface to allow for simple navigation through the features of the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet uses a simple colour coded system that allows staff and learners to see which assessment and grading criteria that they have achieved and how they can improve grades on each task in each unit. This allows students to be more responsible for their own work and progress.

The spreadsheet takes care of all the calculations that are required for both unit and qualification achievement, this is done automatically for you.

The spreadsheet allows you to track learners accurately and effectively across all Units at Level 3 in this BTEC National level 3 in Sport qualification. The assessment and grading criteria and learning aims are built in to the spreadsheet. Inputting information into the spreadsheet is very straightforward allowing staff to spend their time on learner progress rather than inputting data and adding scores! The spreadsheet is also a superb tool for the Centre Quality Review process.

The spreadsheet also creates graphical summaries of both unit achievement and overall qualification achievement.

The ultimate spreadsheet also features an Assessment Planner and an Internal Verification Schedule.

Assessment Planner – Allows you to visually map out the delivery of your BTEC programme for the whole academic year, this is now an essential part of the verification process.

Internal Verification Schedule – Enables you to map out the Internal Verification Planning for your cohort, allowing you to clearly show forward planning in the process and to ensure that you are sampling correctly.