President Wanted!

By: Ken Beaty

Job Requirements

To become the President of the United States you must be thirty-five years of age and have lived withing the United States for fourteen years. Also you must be a "natural born Citizen" and could not have come to this country through the naturalization process.

Pay and Benefits


As the President of the United States you will receive an annual salary of $400,00. You will also receive extra money for travel expenses and for keeping up his or her image as the President.


Like many jobs out their the President receives job benefits. As the President of the United States you will receive helicopters, airplanes, and a fleet of specialized vehicles for you to use at your discretion. You will also be given access to Camp David, the President's country residence located in Catoctin Mountain Park.

  • Chief Executive

- In charge of the US cabinet department, boss of 3 million federal workers, and can use an Executive Order (a rule or command that has the force of law without congresses approval)

  • Chief Diplomat

- Directs foreign policy, and can put in place an Executive Agreement (like a treaty without congresses approval).

  • Party Leader

- Viewed as the leader of their party and selects the national chairperson.

  • Commander in Chief

- In charge of the armed forces and is the only person that can put troops on the ground.

  • Head of State

- Ceremonial role of the president and is considered as the living symbol of the United States.

  • Economic Leader

- Deals with unemployment rates, inflation, and high taxes. As the Economic Leader you will also plan the federal governments budget.

  • Legislative Leader

- Must sign bills in-order for them to become law. Also you create a legislative agenda which you give to congress in the annual state of the union address.