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Progress Report Newsletter, September 2017

Learning rules the school! ~Dr. Hildebrand

Elm Street's year has started strong with a deep focus on learning! I'm sure your child has already come home excited about what he or she is learning at school. I have certainly seen the excitement and engagement on their faces in the classroom and other areas of campus. My favorite moments are listening to students explain their thinking and problem solving strategies when it comes to their learning. For example, a third grade friend walked me through everything I needed to know about multi-digit addition and subtraction including how regrouping works and why it is needed. Fifth graders and I talked in depth about voluntary exhange, specialization, opportunity cost, and elements of our economy that have driven our culture over time. In the kindergarten building, many children are already earning star status with sight word recognition and others are rocking along with letter sounds. They also already know that writing is a way to express their thinking.

Upper grades students have begun conferencing with Mrs. Wimbley and me about their reading levels; we are charting progress together and setting short and long-term goals for growth to the highest levels of performance. Those conferences will continue with younger students later as well. Goal setting and a clear understanding of what is being learned (learning intentions), as well as the success criteria that will let us know we have learned, are key elements of our overall success in all grade levels this year. Last week, as fourth graders were switching classes, they shared with me that they just finished learning to round any digits, including really large numbers and that they were successful because they could do it efficiently and accurately.

Love that our students know that their learning matters. We talk about it in the classrooms, in the hallways, in the lunchroom, in the carpool line, and hopefully at home as well!

Ask your children to talk with you about their learning. Hopefully, they can share what the learning targets (or learning intentions) were for their classes during the day as well as the success criteria that will let them know they mastered it.

Hope you'll follow us on Twitter to see snapshots of learning moments: @ElmStreetELM

Every Learner Matters!

Southeastern Fundraising Materials Due Monday, September 18.

Thank you to all the Elm Street families who have supported our fundraising efforts with the annual Southeastern Fundraiser. Our PTO is working to support our school goal of updating our failing ActiveBoard technology (more than 10-12+ years old) with new interactive HD flatscreen panels, in addition to supporting other activities of our school. Students have already been asking about the date of the hummer limo lunch! Sale of 18 items earns them a spot in the event. Thank you again, families, for your support. All materials due on Monday, September 18.

Advocacy Program remains strong. New twists this year!

Our Elm Street Student Advocacy program remains strong in its third year. We have updated our approach this year with our monthly meetings taking place during a school-wide sack lunch session. This approach has helped us better protect valuable instructional time while also preserving the important elements of our advocacy program. Remind texts will be sent alerting parents of advocacy lunch days since those are times we will not be able to welcome lunch visitors at school. Our first lunch session kicked off on Wednesday, September 13. It was a great success! We enjoyed time together, had lively discussions about growth mindset, and even found out about a special color to wear to school on Friday, September 15... Ask your child to tell you about his or her Advocacy Lunch this week.

Welcome to our House!

Elm Street Advocacy groups are all part of newly established "Houses" within Elm Street. We think of them like families within a family. We are all Elm Street Eagles together, but we will also all benefit from a strong sense of belonging and connection to our Houses. Elm Street Houses are: Akhom (blue), Ekara (white), Iolar (yellow), Uwohali (black). All houses are translations of the word Eagle in the following languages: Ancient Egyptian, Maori, Irish, Cherokee. Houses are comprised of K-2 and 3-5 Advocacy Groups, giving each house students in all grade levels. Eagles will remain part of their house even when they roll up to the next advocacy group (from their K-2 advocate to their 3-5 advocate). On Friday, September 15 we will host a school-wide assembly out on the field to kick off our Houses! Students know to expect a special event Friday afternoon but do not yet know what it is... We hope all Eagles will remember to wear the color for their advocate group! Give us a call if your child is unsure of his or her color for Friday, September 15. Please don't spoil the surprise if you happen to see this before your child heads to school Friday.

Never miss an important reminder from school! Sign up for Remind!

Want to receive the informational text reminders from Elm Street about school events? Be sure you have signed up for our Elm Street Eagles Remind group (formerly Remind 101). If you are one of the 294 current subscribers, thanks for taking action to stay well-informed of school activities and updates. To subscribe, send a text to 81010 with the message @elmstr - it's that easy!

RSVP for September Stories Day on Friday, Sept. 22

Elm Street Elementary parents and other special guests are invited to join us at school on Friday, September 22 for our 2017 September Stories Day Parade! If you plan to join us, please RSVP using this form by Thursday, September 21 to expedite check-in. Parade begins at 9:00 a.m. Please arrive between 8:45-8:50 to allow time for check-in and then find a spot on the parade route. RSVP sign-in will take place outside near the cafeteria. Anyone without an RSVP will need to patiently wait in line to sign in at the front office. Be sure you bring your ID. Guests are invited to join us in the classroom following the parade for classroom literacy activities.

We are starting strong!

Shout out to all Elm Street Eagles, including students and parents!!

We earned the Highest Student Attendance Award for the first attendance period of the year. Let's do it again!

Elm Wins CCSS Student Attendance Award!

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Coweta Effectiveness Team: Elm Street Evaluation Visit September 25-27

Later this month, Elm Street will welcome visitors from other schools to help us evaluate our effectiveness as a school community. Classroom observations will take place on Tuesday, September 26. Parent and student surveys are going on now. Interviews of groups of parents and students, as well as all teachers will also take place. We are focused on continuous improvement at Elm Street for ourselves, our students, and our community, and this visit will help us make future decisions. If you've not yet taken time to complete the parent survey to share what you love about Elm Street, please do! Your voice is important. Survey closes on Monday, September 18.

First House Challenge!

The first House Challenge is about to begin. Students tuned in to ESN on Monday will learn all about it... More details to come! Ask your child on Monday afternoon.

Elm Street joins NHS Homecoming Parade once more

Details for Elm Street's participation in NHS Homecoming are on the flyer below and attached. The Newnan High theme this year is All Around Georgia and Back To Newnan. Join in the school and community fun! Everyone is invited to participate by dressing up as one of the noted Georgia icons and walking with the Elm Street float in the parade as well. Details below.
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A few cool learning moments to see and hear!

https://twitter.com/ElizabethRance1/status/901487544126328834 - 5th graders teaching one another vocabulary

https://twitter.com/shelene_longELM/status/903708645996810241 - 4th graders excited about creating a vortex

Patriot Day Program was student-led success!

Student Council and Elm Street Chorus did an excellent job leading our school in a Patriot Day Program. Originally scheduled for Monday, September 11, our program was delayed until our return to school on Wednesday, September 13. Our student leaders helped us all reflect on important elements of our unity as a country. Proud to be an American and an Elm Street Eagle!

Check out the video clips and photos below as well as this clip of one of our 5th graders reading her "I Am" poem. Congrats to all Elm Street student leaders and student audience members. It was a moving experience.



Elm Street Spirit Nights

Elm Street PTO announces the following Spirit Nights for the 2017-2018 school year. Hope you will support the local businesses who are also supporting us!

Monday, August 28 - Sprayberry's

Thursday, September 14 - Partner's Pizza

Friday, October 20 - Skyzone

Thursday, November 9 - Rednexican

Thursday, January 18 - Skyzone

Tuesday, March 6 - Partner's Pizza

Monday, April 9 - Skyzone

Please email elmstreetpto@gmail.com if you have a suggestion for future spirit nights or are a local business owner who would like to host an event for our school.

Top TEN (Traits Eagles Need)

August Trait, part of our Top TEN (Traits Eagles Need)

Responsibility - Being accountable for your actions; people can count on you to do what you are supposed to do; you do what you say you are going to do.

September Trait

Respect - Showing people they are important by what you say or do.

Hurry and donate if you want to send to Sanchez!

We have decided to delay our last shipment of items to Sanchez Elementary until Friday, September 22. We heard from a few families this week that they could use a few more days as a result of last week's inclement weather in our area. Thanks for being willing to give if you are able! Details in photo below. We've already received a great message of thanks for the first two boxes we shipped last week. Items and gift cards donated were greatly appreciated by the school!
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Community Conversations for School Facilities and Growth

This is an important opportunity for ALL PARENTS, COMMUNITY MEMBERS to be part of community conversations focused on School Facilities and Growth. Even though the meetings are being held at local middle schools, this is information that will be important for us all. Please make plans to attend a session that best fits your schedule. Dr. Hildebrand is planning to attend the session at Evans Middle School on Monday, September 25 at 6:30 p.m. See details and dates of all sessions in the flyer below.
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Important items from the month of August

Some important items were shared with students and parents during the month of August at Open House and through Eagle Folders. If you missed one of them, please see the attached links.

Elm Street Family Engagement and Student Activities Calendar

Elm Street Title I Compacts

Kindergarten Kindergarten- Spanish

1st Grade 1st Grade- Spanish

2nd Grade 2nd Grade- Spanish

3rd Grade 3rd Grade- Spanish

4th Grade 4th grade Spanish

5th Grade 5th grade Spanish

Elm Street Parent Involvement Plan (click here to view Spanish version)

Hopefully, we have already received your signed Title I Compact. If not, please take a moment to sign the detachable part of the brochure and send it back to school. Thank you!

Elm Street Clubs and Groups

Elm Street has many ways for students to be involved in extracurricular activities. It is all part of our commitment to learning by building relationships and making relevant connections to life.

All of the following events are already underway or beginning during the month of September:

Chorus (Tuesday afternoons)

Running Clubs (3-5 on Monday afternoons, K-2 on Tuesday afternoons)

Start on Track (mornings)

Yoga Club (Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7:15)

K-Kids (Monday afternoons once monthly)

Green Team and Garden Club (Thursday afternoons)

American Girls Club (Tuesday afternoons)

Chess and Strategy Games Club (various afternoons)

Exploration Expo or E Squared (mornings)

Academic Team (team photo above)

Cougar Connections with NHS (Friday mornings, 5th grade).

There are fee-based groups as well provided by outside providers for the Elm Street community: Art Club (Tuesday, Wednesday afternoons) and Connect Sports (Wednesday, Thursday afternoons).

Students are also involved in various service opportunities as peer tutors, safety patrols, and more. Other clubs and groups such as Science Olympiad will kick off later in the school year. There is certainly no shortage of action at school! Additional information appears in the Elm Street Student Handbook. Or you may contact the front office if you'd like more information about any club or group.

Progress Reports - Celebrate and Set Goals

Progress Reports issued Friday, September 15. Be sure you check your child's progress report. We encourage you to celebrate your child's growth and achievement. This is also a natural time to set goals for continued growth and improvement. Please know there are materials in our Parent Resource Center to help you support your child's development of key reading or math skills. The center is located in the foyer by Mrs. Pope's office and materials are free for any parents or students to take home to borrow. We are your partners in learning. Please call us to conference anytime you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress. Every learner matters!

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