Nuclear Waste

By Roboranna

What is Uranium?

The chemical element of atomic number 92, a dense grey radioactive metal used as a fuel in nuclear reactors.

What is Nuclear Waste

Nuclear waste is the material that nuclear fuel becomes after it is used in a reactor.

What are the pros and cons of Nuclear Power Generation?


  • Low operating costs (relatively)
  • Known, developed technology “ready” for market
  • Lower carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) released into the atmosphere in power generation
  • Existing and future nuclear waste can be reduced through waste recycling and reprocessing, similar to Japan and the EU (at added cost)


  • High-known risks in an accident
  • Unknown risks
  • Waste lasts 200 – 500 thousand years
  • Long construction time

Ideas of the Past

We had many ideas throughout the 5,010 years such as signposts, social media posts and micro-chipping babies but there have been problems that have caused changes for all living things living near or on nuclear waste dump sites.

Nuclear Waste Management

Our idea that we are still using is sending it up to space to the sun after leaving the earth's atmosphere.

Hazards of Nuclear Waste

We had to be sure that the rocket sending out the nuclear waste didn't blow up on the way and release the radioactive material into the atmosphere and around the world.

Recent Articles

In a recent article the government has decided that they would signpost 5 areas in Australia to store nuclear waste.