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airfare cost and schedule

The cost from Denver,CO (DEN) to Berlin, Germany (BER) is $1,398.90 per person.The flight leaves at 5:25 pm and lands at 12:00 pm. I'll be flying in coach.It's a 1 stop flight which is a connecting flight and it will take 13 hours and 30 minutes for me to wait to leave again.The total cost for 2 travelers is $2,797.80.,to:Berlin,%20Germany%20(BER-All%20Airports),departure:04/16/2014TANYT&leg2=from:Berlin,%20Germany%20(BER-All%20Airports),to:DEN,departure:04/30/2014TANYT&passengers=children:0,adults:2,seniors:0,infantinlap:Y&mode=search#departingModuleIndex=3&leg=1


I'm going to be staying at the Adlon Kempinski hotel which is a V.I.P hotel that is almost a five stars that costs $410 per night and the total cost for 13 nights is $5,330 total.It includes free wifi/internet, a kitchen, bathroom, king size bed, flat screen tv with premium channels and movies, dvd player, a safe, minibar.The guest rating for the staff is 98% and the ratting for concierge is 99% and the recommendation is 98%.The average guest rating is 4.8 over all.

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One activity they have in Germany is football (soccer) Germany got football from an English expat.Football is one of the most popular sports in Germany and football is the most popular sport in the world.Germany hosted a tournament in 2006 and has an attendance average of 79,000 and that higher than their rivals FCbarcelona.The cost for the cheapest seats are from 10-15 euros ($13.80 to $20.69) and the best seats cost 50 euros ($68.98).

Another activity is a winter sport which is skiing.The place you travel to go skiing is Bavarian Alps. 40 km cross-country trails and 200 ski lifts.The cost for skiing is 25-30 euros ($34.49$41.39).

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One problem you can confront in Germany is your hotel room already taken.The solution for this predicament is to have a reservation. Another predicament is lost or stolen luggage.There are multiple solutions for this crisis but here's one of them is keep all of your valuables on your carry on.Some other solution for this dilemma is to have travel insurance. Another issue you can encounter is money transfer because they don't have the same currency.This is an easily known solution which is research how much a euro is in US dollars. A search engine you can use is Google.

Automabile accidents are common because Germany's speed limit is between 72 and 85 miles per hour. You don't need to be in a vehicle to get around you could always walk, ride a bike or use public transportation like a subway or train.


If you want to go to Germany this is a good place to find some information with links.Along with some problems to ponder on and some solutions to solve these problems.If you want to know the history and culture of Germany go to this link to find out more about their culture along with this one as well.

The activities are at certain seasons of the year the football is during the spring and summer seasons and the skiing seasons is winter and a little bit of spring.If you want to find more activities for the season your going go to this link.

If you are on a budget this is a good place to start because I didn't pay that much money (for almost a 2 week trip) for my hotel room, flight and activities.The total I had to pay was $8,258.86 (us dollars).

I hope you find this travel flyer helpful for you to find the right price, hotel, activities and flight because I think this is a good deal but I could be wrong in your standards.