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Mrs. Swain's 4th Grade Class

Ready to Learn: Weekly video for your kiddo

Growth Mindset for students - Episode 5/5
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Guest Teachers & Our Classroom

Last week we had a guest teacher in our classroom and it did NOT go well (especially in the afternoon). I was embarrassed to have at least three teachers tell me about the poor choices the class made and/or the behavior they were exhibiting.

When I am out of the classroom, I expect ALL the children to show good character and to do what is right. Of the character pillars above, I especially expect the children to show respect and trustworthiness. I talked to the class and they reflected on what they could have done differently.

I will be out of the classroom again before the end of the school year. Please talk to your child about how he/she is representing themselves, our class, and Erskine Elementary to our guests.

Further, if the guest teacher leaves specific names, I want you to be aware that it could result in disciplinary action.


Great job with homework! We had 100% of the class turn in the homework.

I gave the kiddos their homework and new spelling list on Friday so that they have over a week to work on it-- it shouldn't take a week but it gives your family some flexibility.

This week's spelling words are homophones.

See the spelling list below (Unit 31).

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ABC Count Down to Summer

These are the special things that we are doing at school as we count down to summer vacation. The days that are highlighted YELLOW are the days that the students need to bring something from home in order to participate.

Airplane Day

Exercise at Erskine

Monday, May 2nd, 9am-3:30pm

811 West 60th Street

Anderson, IN

We will do exercises outside today. Make sure your kiddos have comfortable clothes and tennis shoes.

Fruit Day

Tuesday, May 3rd, 9am-3:30pm

811 West 60th Street

Anderson, IN

Your teacher will bring in some unique fruit for everyone to try. Come with an open mind and if you don't want any, just say, "No thank you."

Game Day

Wednesday, May 4th, 9am-3:30pm

811 West 60th Street

Anderson, IN

Play games in the classroom today. If you have a board game that you would like to bring to school, you may.

Hat Day

Thursday, May 5th, 9am-3:30pm

811 West 60th Street

Anderson, IN

Wear your favorite hat to school today.

Ice Cream Day

Friday, May 6th, 1:30-3:30am

811 West 60th Street

Anderson, IN

Your teacher will bring in a special ice cream treat.


I have started entering Grades in PowerSchool (link below). Please check your child's grades. He or she should not have any missing assignments. If your child has missing assignments then he/she is not using class-time wisely. If you have lost your parent access information, you can contact the main office and request your parent PowerSchool login information.

Online Academic "Games"

- What We're Learning In Class -

Reading/Language Arts

Asking questions while we read

Making judgments while we read

Genre study: fables

Regular and irregular verbs

Fable-Tortoise and the Hare

The Tortoise and the Hare (Disney 1934)


Unit 7 math test

Multi-step number stories


Angle Song

The BEST Angles Math Song! (with bonus DANCING CATS!)


Oceans and Waterways

Students will study the characteristics of various bodies of water. They will learn about the various forms of life that exist in Earth's oceans, rivers and streams. Students will learn about food chains and the fragility of these ecosystems.


Students will be introduced to the properties of different types of soil, the organisms that affect soil, and how the quality of soil affects growing plants. They will also learn about the rock cycle and how rocks can be turned into soil. Students will also define organic material.

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Social Studies


Students will define interdependence and consumer. They will learn how consumers get the resources they need. Students will study producers and the cyclical nature of an economy.

Supply and Demand for Kids


This week, students will determine the characters of their science fiction story; they will also determine a problem and a solution for their story.

We continue reading our mentor text, Ember. This is a thrilling science fiction book for the kids. Here a trailer for you to watch if you have been getting bits and pieces at home.

The City of Ember - Book Trailer