The Dominican Republic

The Island Of Hispaniola In The Caribbean/North America

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located in North America on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean the country's capital is Santo Damingo , it's geography is The Dominican Republic in the West Indies occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti. Its area equals that of Vermont and New Hampshire combined. Duarte Peak, at 10,417 ft (3,175 m), is the highest point in the West Indies. Most of the Dominican Republic enjoys beautiful tropical weather all year round, with an average annual temperature hovering around 25°C degres (77° F). The Dominican Republic's climate is often described as "the endless summer", thanks to the warm and sunny wheather pretty much all over the country.

Dominican Republic

Facts About Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a representative democracy with national powers divided among independent executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The president appoints the cabinet, executes laws passed by the legislative branch, and is commander in chief of the armed forces. The president and vice president run for office on the same ticket and are elected by direct vote for 4-year terms. Legislative power is exercised by a bicameral Congress--the Senate (32 members) and the House of Representatives (178 members).1.January 1 - New Year's Day 2.January 6 - Epiphany 3.January 21 - Our Lady of Altagracia 4.January 26 - Duarte's Birthday (celebrated on the closest Monday) 5.February 27 - Independence Day 6.Late March/Early April - Good Friday/Easter (Semana Santa) 7.May 1 - Labor Day (celebrated on the closest Monday) 8.June - Corpus Christi Day 9.August 16 - Restoration Day (celebrated on the closest Monday) 10.September 24 - Our Lady of Mercedes 11.November 6 - Dominican Constitution Day (celebrated on the closest Monday) 12.December 25 - Christmas Day are the Dominican Republic's special holidays. There popular foods are rice and beans,fried plantains,steak with onions,plantains mashed like mashed potatoes,rice beans & chicken,pork rinds,drink that is an aphrodisiac,and fresh baked bread.