Chapter 13.1! XD

By: William E, Nina P, Katie B, Mallory W, Calvin J

Its all About the customers!

1). Customers its all about them. in the end its what creates the economy we serve and work for.

Customers are smater then you think, we the customers look into a product to see what the background history is, where its made where its shipped from where its located and maybe even how it was made let it be factory or production line.

Merchandising like a Boss

Selling products, the better you sell them the product the more the customer will come back to buy more of that product or a different one. I you sell them a bad product they wont want to come back for more sales and buisness.

Customer Benefits boo yaaa!

Making cluns you can join for a service or store brings people back. Like a card that gives you 10% off everything used, or points on a card or online. ir makes the customers feel special and gives them a reward for shopping at that specific store.

Selling Points!

Selling, the most complex way of the economy. you have to know where to sell a product, if your in a dirty store trying to sell something its not going to work out. but if your in a store like Hollister where its clean and smell like over sprayed perfume, then you might be more tempted to buy something.

Prostpecting like a Manager

Prospecting is very important in an organization at a selling organization. Its searching for customers to sell you items to, new customers are very easy to trick into a sale especially if they are younger. using messeges threw phones or ads on facebooks attract the people and new customers attentions. Finding customers is what prospecting is about.
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