Money isn't the Problem, You are!

Brand New, First Time in Victor Harbor!!!!

How many Points of View do you have about Money?

What if you could explore the points of View that you have around Money..Learn tools and verbal process that begin to unravel and uncreate those Points of View that have been Limiting your life, your money flow, and your Joy..Would this create a space for you to begin making different choices...What Invitation to Money could you be? Would you like to find out?

Gary Douglas is the founder of Access Consciousness and Author of this Book...

What could you choose right away that could create more money now and in the Future?

What if Money was Fun?

Join in the Class and join in the Fun!

Monday 13th January 2014

75 Victoria Street

Victor Harbor

Time 7pm - 8:45pm

Cost $55 (Includes the Book with the same title..)

To register for this Class contact Corinna Hartmann (Certified Access Bars Facilitator)

0431 744 098 or email

You can find further Information about Access Consciousness at:

Or more about me at: