Conner Packebush Period 6

United Kingdom

Welcome To Great Britain!

Great Britian is a country of good foods and even better sites. You can travel around London and try some of the country foods like Bangers and Mash. (No, we have no idea what it means either.) Or take a peek at some sites like Stonehenge and the medieval castles! You can try your hand at cricket, the nation's past time. Or burn your own mannequins at Guy Fawkes Day!

Economy, Government, and Language

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Money, Type of Government, and Language

The type of government Great Britian has is a Constitutional Monarchy and Common Wealth Realm, which means a government with a queen or king but also a parliament. Great Britain's language is the original English language. The United States is a variation of Great Britain's English; thus we refer to them as having a "English accent" while they think of us as having an American accent. The British currency is the pound and the exchange rate is 0.6241 pounds per US dollar.
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Cites and Information

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