Hurricane Sandy

by: Cristina Gonzalez, Emily Edgington, Andrew Armenta

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy happened on October 22, 2012 and it effected thousands of lives. Sandy happened mainly in New Jersey and New York. It took over 6 months to recover from Sandy. About 30-50 billion dollars were used to rebuild everything that got destroyed. Many people lost loved ones and businesses were destroyed forever. Classified as a category 3 Hurricane, Sandy was the deadliest hurricane in 2012 and one of the worst hurricanes in united states history.

Food and Water

Water was everywhere but it wasn't fresh water. Fresh and drinkable water was scarce around the city for a few days until some generous people from other places delivered food and water to help out. Food was also challenging to find sense grocery stores were closed. Usually people would eat canned food that were already at there house. (if there house was still there.) Some people even went without eating or eating small amounts of food each day until kindhearted people delivered or donated food.


Many things were destroyed/damaged during hurricane Sandy and some of the things affected that are biotic factors were people, plants, and animals. People lost their homes, loved ones, money, and many other things that affected them. Plants such as trees were moved from their spot where they were before to a new location Some trees fell down, some split in half, and others disappeared and were found in a completely new location. Animals lost their owners, died of starvation, where left behind abandoned, and some lost their own lives.


Buildings, automobiles, streets, and electricity are abiotic factors that were affected because of Hurricane Sandy. Buildings like houses were damaged or even destroyed during sandy and some were never rebuilt. automobiles were completely shattered and beyond repair. streets were covered with trees, houses, wood, and everything that wouldn't usually be there. There was no electricity because of the hurricane, there wasn't air conditioning, lights, or any electricity for several weeks.


Many humans lost their lives to Hurricane Sandy and it was the deadliest hurricane in 2012. People lost their homes, money, loved ones, and family pets. During the storm people were killed and injured. Some injuries varied from loss of body parts to just a few scratches. The picture to the left shows the effects on humans from hurricane Sandy. everything they own they have to carry around everywhere they go.

energy sources

During Hurricane Sandy all the electricity went out. There wasn't any electricity for the next few months until finally they got the electricity working again. Without the electricity people didn't have air conditioning or lights to see in dark areas. Temperatures can get really high in New York and New Jersey and without air conditioning it's even worse. Without lights people are limited to only working when the sun is up. If they were to have lights while rebuilding everything, they would be able to work later in the night, recovering faster. there wasn't much energy sources they could use when most of them were unable to use.

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene relates to hurricane sandy because this hurricane hit New Jersey too. Hurricane Irene happened on August 20, 2011, almost a year before Hurricane Sandy.
Big Waves Pound Jersey Shore - Hurricane sandy (Uncut Footage)