Fibonacci Sequence

The Golden Mean

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Tell us what you know!

Each student wil do the following:

1. Put your name at the top of a slide that no one else has claimed!

2. On that slide, find a creative way to display what you know about the Fibonacci Sequence.

3. Pick another slide and put your name at the top.

4. On that slide, give an example of the Golden Mean.

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What did you find?

On the Padlet below, answer the following question by clicking on the Padlet and adding your thoughts.

***After looking through the virtual exhibits, what makes a good exhibit?

***What exhibit are you looking forward to visiting the most and why?

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How could you create an exhibit that others would like to look at?

Include the following:

1. Explain your idea

2. What materials will you need?

3.What will other students learn from your exhibit?