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IT Technician - Solopress

What does an IT Technician actually do?

Internet technology technicians hold one of the most important jobs for any large scale company. This is because the IT Technician is in-charge of keeping all of the business’ computer systems and other related technology run smoothly. Along with the network and mainframe. The duties when working as an IT Technician can vary depending on the size of the business, location and number of employees.

IT Technician


Specific & Technical Skills Required

Specific skills are listed by employers to show the aspect of the job.

Knowledge of OS’s - This IT Technician job vacancy requires knowledge of operating systems. The reason for this is because the Technician will be required to work with different operating systems and have an understanding of how each operating system works.

Networking and Communication - The Technician will work with the networks within the business premises. Also, the Technician will need to understand infrastructures so that he/she is able to set up and maintain the network.

Diagnosing PC’s – The Technician will be required to diagnose issues with broken PC’s. He/she must be able to diagnose the PC to identify the problems and find a fix.

General Skills

General skills are listed by employers to show day to day skills at work.

Good listener – You must be a good listener because there may be issues raised within meetings or customer’s issues. You need to be able to interpret the basic language of the customer and explain the outcome to them.

Passionate – Being passionate about your job is always a bonus. The reason for this is because you actually build an enjoyment for work and you need to be able to show your employer that you are able to work accordingly without many issues.

Planning – He/she must be able to plan. He/she will need to plan when the idea for a new server is released or the company would like to order a new stock for machines and they will need to know how many licenses they will need for all of the machines.

Attitude Skills

Attitude skills shows your attitude towards work.

Use own initiative – Using your own initiative is key in any job. This is because you may be required to make your own decisions within the workplace or even when dealing with a customer.

Professional – Being professional at work matters to a lot of employers. Showing profession at work is a way that you are able to present yourself in the appropriate manner whilst at work.

Team player – Working as a team takes place in most jobs at some point. Be able to work with a team, share your ideas and diagnose any issues you may have as a group and fix them among the team.