The Disadvantages of GMOs

By: Sujay Adhikari

Antibiotic Resistance

Some bacteria have become resistant to the antibiotics in some GMOs. This resistance can transfer to humans, as well. The result to these resistant bacteria are the emergence of super bugs. Since these diseases are resistant to our antibiotics this can lead to very severe consequences.

Health Risks

Scientists say that GMOs can produce new allergens in our bodies. This increases the chance of someone being allergic to a crop. These new allergens cause doctors to make new allergy medicine that costs money and time.

Decrease of Small Farms

Not every farmer can may for these GMOs. Many small farms do not have GMOs, but risk being shutdown because the demand for GMOs are high. Since these farms don't have GMOs they can go out of business. GMOs are widening the gap between rich and poor.

Goes against Nature

Evolution is a process that takes millions of years to accomplish. With GMOs we are basically going through evolution in a matter of days. This is a very immoral thing to do, and is another reason why GMOs are bad.