Corps of Discovery

By: Jason White

What are the Corps of Discovery?

The Corps of Discovery were a small group of men that adventured to the Pacific. The adventure consisted of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. While these men adventured they met some amazing people and discovered new things.

Weapons and Firearms They Used

Lewis and Clark used many different varieties of weapons during their adventure. Some of the weapons they used were Clarks small rifle, versatile muskets and pocket pistols and various different rifles. Knives and other sharp objects were used to cut things and stuff in their way.
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Along Lewis and Clarks journey they would come into contact with almost 50 native tribes. Lewis and Clark had some sort of meeting ceremony where they would tell the natives that their land now belonged to the United States and that a man named Jefferson was their "Great Father" they would also present a peace medal to them along with some presents aka trade goods.
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Plants and Animals

During Lewis and Clarks expedition they discovered many different types of animals and species such as the bull snake and the black tailed prairie dog. They also came across many unknown plants and trees like the Big leaf maple, Bitterroot and Bear Grass.
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Seaman (Dog)

Seaman was the dog that Lewis and Clark had that completed the entire trip with them. Lewis purchased seaman for $20. lewis purchased him to accompany him to the pacific. Seaman served as a guard dog he would stay awake at nights and bark if he saw huge bison bull getting close to the camp which would alert the men and tell them them they need to get out the buffalos way.
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During the journey the weather got really bad. While venturing through North Dakota the weather was normally below 0 but some days the weather got even worse usually below -40 Degrees. It rained all but 12 days and they saw the sun a total of 6 times.
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Missouri River

The Missouri River is a river that was discovered by Lewis and Clark during their expedition. It is the longest river in North America. It is 2,341 miles long.
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Corps Members

The Corps of Discovery had 31 members including Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark and Seaman their dog. They all helped accompany Lewis and Clark along their journey in many different ways.
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Trade Items

During Lewis and Clarks expedition they brought a lot of items to trade and sell they also brought medals to give to tribes as a show of peace. Some items they brought to trade were: Pocket Mirrors, Brass Strips, Knitting Needles, Various different Knives, and Food
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On Lewis and Clarks expedition Clark specialized in map making and map reading. On their journey maps and map reading was essential and Clark was the man for it. Multiple maps of their journey and path have been published today and are used for research. Here is a map that has been published and their path.
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Great Falls

The Great Falls was a series of waterfalls in the Missouri River that consisted of 5 waterfalls. When Lewis discovered this beautiful sight he was happy until he found out that he and his men would have to hike 18 miles to get around the waterfalls. They had to carry all their supplies around the waterfalls such as canoes and their supplies which were either dragged or carried.
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