No More Bullies!

Come to our event about PREVENTING BULLIES!!!

Whats going on?

We are doing a party/meeting to prevent bullies. I've seen WAY to many bullies around schools and around the city. Bullying is not cool so we need to help prevent them. I have been through the experience of being's not fun trust me. So we will have food drinks and you will bring your great ideas!

Help us out!

Friday, March 21st, 3:15pm to Friday, April 4th, 9:45pm

Pebble Beach Dr

Yuba City, CA

So we will be waiting for your great ideas on March 21to April 4! This will go on for about 2 weeks and anyone of any age can join! We do Mondays and Wednesdays off. You can bring any food or drinks but make sure you bring a laptop if you want to help make a video for preventing bullies or anything else. SEE YOU SOON!