SMAJA Newsletter

March and early April

Upcoming School Events

Half Day / Spirit Day / End of the Third Quarter - Fri, 14 Mar

This Friday is a half day and spirit day (fake an injury). Please help your children get into the spirit and enjoy their last day of school before Spring Break. Remember school will let out at noon (after school care will be provided if needed). This is also the end of the third quarter.

Spring Break

Spring Break is scheduled from 17-21 March. We pray you will have a blessed and safe holiday.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled between 24-28 March. Your teachers will soon email you a link to their online scheduling calendar.

9th & 10th Grade Music Festival (27-30 March)

The 9th & 10th Grade Music Festival is schedule from Thursday, 27 March through Sunday, 30 March. Students and sponsors will also have Monday, 31 March as a day off (travel and rest).

SMAJA Talent Show

The annual talent show has been reschedule to Sunday, 6 April starting at 6:00 PM. We will also have a dress rehearsal on Thursday, 3 April at 1:30 PM. Children and adults are encouraged to participate!

Birthdays This Month

Caroline Tochterman - 3 Mar
Pahal Patel - 13 Mar
Elijah Leal - 21 Mar