Should college tuition be free?

College tuition should be free.

College tuition is too expensive.

According to New York Times Magazine it States,"Tuition at a private university is now roughly three times as expensive as it was in 1974, costing an average of $31,000 a year; public tuition, at $9,000, has risen by nearly four times. This is a painful bill for all but the very richest. For the average American household that doesn't receive a lot of financial aid, higher education is simply out of reach."

More people would graduate

According to New York Times Magazine it Says,"For young adults from educated, middle class families-the people who will find a way to get through college despite the costs-rising college tuition is a personal challenge. "But the great national crisis is the fact that too many other young adults are not going to college or, if they do, don't graduate, in large part because they can't afford it."

More jobs

According to Fortune Magazine it states, "Robert Barro, a Harvard University economist, has studied this question over many years, and last fall he published a paper estimating that the real rate of return on an additional year of schooling falls at 7% per year. In a world where the U.S. government can borrow money for 10 years at 2.7% interest, proving more free education seems like a no-brainer, if Barro's analysis is correct."