By: Katelyn B

Salary Range

As a zoologist you get about $27.61 per hour, and about $57,430 per year.


You must get a Bachelors Degree for being a zoologist, but a Masters Degree is recommended.

Job Duties

Zoologists study the characteristics and habits of wildlife.

Environmental realationship

Works with all different types of wildlife and researches and studies wildlife. Analyses data to research, and help the wildlife in their areas. After researching, they present their findings to other people, so other people will know there findings and help the environment with them.


Gets to work with really cool wildlife. They get to help the wildlife and make a difference. And if they are highly educated, they will get a decent salary pay.


Zoologists have a long study period. 4 years of college for bachelor's, and a masters degree is recommended. Zoologist also run into a lot of illegal selling of rare and exotic animals.

Interesting Facts

  • There are 15 types of zoologist type jobs.
  • Zoology is a small field, and not a lot work in the US.