A "Bunche" of Information

Volume 1: Bi- Monthly Parent Newsletter 9/1/22

September Family Engagement Calendar

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Hi my Name is...

Welcome to a new school year Charger Family! My name is Ms. Floyd, and I am your new Parent Liaison, here at Bunche Middle School. You may be wondering, what is the role of a Parent Liaison? Well, a Parent Liaison is a person that aids every parent and every family. If schools are to do an effective job of educating their increasingly diverse populations of students, they must find ways to communicate and build more cooperative working relationships with parents. As the Parent Liaison, I am here to facilitate parent-school communication, encourage parent and family involvement in the school, to help build trust between parents and the educational community, and foster higher academic achievement through collaboration with school personnel.

Bunche Middle School has the Family Engagement goal to:

  1. Improve communication with ALL families by creating and implementing a bi-monthly newsletter that will focus on ways parents can assist their scholars at home.
  2. Provide multiple (monthly) opportunities for parents to acquire information and hands on practice to support their scholars' education at home and at school.
  3. Implement monthly surveys, where families will be asked if our school is providing an affirming learning environment.

Bunche Middle School wants to be the bridge and communication between the school and home by helping parents and families get the information, help and support they need to ensure our scholars' academic and social success is being met in school.

I am here to support you in any way that I can. If you should have any further questions, please feel free to call Ms. J. Floyd (Parent Liaison) at: 404. 802. 6713 Between 9am-4:00pm or email me at: Janika.Floyd@apsk12.org. Please allow me 24-48 to return your call or email. I am located in the "NEW" Parent Resource Center that will re-open on September 28, 2022.

September 5th, 2022- All Atlanta Public Schools are Closed

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Being able to contact you in case of an emergency is critically important. Even if you recently completed a form, please take the time to follow these instructions to update your information in Infinite Campus.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are posted in the parent portal. If you do not have your information to access Infinite Campus, please email me at Jankia.Floyd@apsk12.org and I will send it home with your scholar.

Census Verification Report

On Wednesday, we sent home a Census Verification Report. Please take the time to review, sign and return it. You can send it with your student or you can scan and email it to Debriel.Amos@apsk12.org

Thank you to all the parents that have sent them back and completed the Teams form.

Registration & Records

6th Grade Parents: APS requires all 6th grade students to register in the OLR system each year. This year we still have 81 parents that have not completed the OLR. If it is not completed by November 18th. All students will be withdrawn from Bunche Middle School. Please contact Mrs. Amos at 404.802.6736 to see if your name is on the list.

7th & 8th Grade Parents: Some information in your personal records may be out dated or incomplete. We must bring everything into compliance by October 31st. Missing document letters will be going home with students all month. Please be sure when you receive the letter that you return the required information within 10 days. If you need more time, please call or email the person on the letter.

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Bringing Attendance Home - Parent Video

Now a message from one of our literacy interventions! (Read 180)

Dear Parents & Stakeholders,

Welcome to Universal Read 180!

Bunche Middle School is excited to announce that our school is implementing READ 180 Universal, an innovative blended learning solution by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, built to ensure all readers are on a track to college, career, and beyond.

After careful consideration, scholars have been selected to participate in the program in order to support his or her instructional needs. READ 180 is a research-based program with proven results in raising student reading achievement. READ 180 uses cutting-edge technology to deliver individualized reading instruction for each student, provide valuable practice with essential reading skills and strategies, and motivate scholars to become confident and lifelong readers.

Scholars In our READ 180 class, will work with our staff to:

  • Bring his or her reading proficiency up to grade level
  • Apply reading and writing strategies to other subjects such as social studies, science, and math
  • Develop multi-paragraph writing skills
  • Build knowledge and develop essential literacy skills for college and career readiness
  • Develop a deep level of confidence in themselves and their reading abilities

READ 180 Universal will challenge your child to work hard, and by doing so, he or she can attain reading success. Offer encouragement and provide support at home by visiting the library, setting aside reading time, and discussing the books your scholar reads.

We would like to thank you in advance for helping us achieve our goals for your scholar. Together we will support your reader on the path to language, literacy, and learning!


The Bunche Middle School READ 180 Staff

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Coffee & Conversation with Principal Whitfield

Wednesday, Sep. 14th, 10-11am

1925 Niskey Lake Road Southwest

Atlanta, GA

You are cordially invited to come out and have Coffee & Conversation with Principal Whitfield in the Bunche Middle School Media Center on September 14, 2022. Principal Whitfield will discuss some of our academic achievements, Atlanta Public School messages, as well as take your academic questions and concerns. We will also provide Infinite Campus assistance.

Dual Enrollment/ High School Credit Parent Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 4:45-5:45pm

1925 Niskey Lake Road Southwest

Atlanta, GA

All Families are invited to hear information about Dual Enrollment and High School Credit during the Middle School years. Does your scholar have an interest in advancing academically? Do you want to know about credits and how they work? Just have questions about Dual Enrollment and how it can benefit your scholar? Come to this exciting meeting and get your questions answered! *Snacks will be available for all guests.
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3 Quick Tips to Help Your Scholar This Year

Here are 5 Quick Tips To Help Your Scholar This Year:

  1. Talk to your scholar about school. Ask specific questions to draw out your scholar. Ask “How do you think you did on the math test?” “What was your favorite moment today?”
  2. Go to school meetings and events. Attending concerts, plays, assemblies, meetings, and other activities is a good way to become familiar with your scholar’s school community.
  3. Give your scholar a quiet place to study and do homework. Find an area in your home that is free of distraction where your middle schooler can concentrate on homework. Be available to help if your scholar has a question or email the teacher for assistance.

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Bunche Middle School Annual Title I Parent Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 27th, 5:45-7pm

1925 Niskey Lake Road Southwest

Atlanta, GA

All parents, staff, community members, and stakeholders are invited to attend the Title I Annual Parent Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to:

Share information about The Title I Program, Family Engagement Goals, Parent Family Engagement Plan, Understand the Title I School-Parent Compact for Student Achievement, and Learn about state standards, curriculum and assessment.

We welcome you to join us in the BMS auditorium for this presentation!

*Dinner will be provided by one of amazing school partners!