Virtual Resume

Janae Thomas


Specific- I want to achieve an overall 90-95% average in the sciences I will take by the end of my academic year because to get into the universitites I would like I need a high average in the sciences (biology, chemistry).

Measurable- I am planning on taking science courses for the rest of my academic year at a university level. I can track my goal by getting extra help each year. In biology I can track my mark by speaking to my teacher and making sure that I am performing at my best during experiments and lab reports. In chemistry I can track my goal by making sure I understand concepts of each formula and the way to use them properly. Overall my progress will be reflected in my test. In addition each test in each course can help me track and dictate my mark on my report card.

Action- In grade 11 I am taking biology and chemistry. For each course I can speak to my teachers to make sure I'm doing well in the course, but also how I can improve for the future. Also, if my mark is low I can speak to my teacher about any extra assignments I can do, or if their are any assignments I can redo to improve my overall grade. SInce universities look at your grade 12 mark, but sometimes your grade 11 mark I would also have a strong overall mark in grade 11, but a even stronger one for grade 12. In grade 12 I am taking biology and chemistry. To achieve my goal of a high average, I am planning on speaking to my grade 11 biology and chemistry teachers to see what I need to work on that would help me in grade 12.

Realistic- I can achieve this goal because my average in science currently is a 80%. When I had science my two strongest units were biology and chemistry. Therefore, this goal would be doable because biology and chemistry are concepts and subjects that I already understand. Achieving an average between 90-95% is important to me because when I go to university I would like to complete my Bachelor of Science. To be accepted into a good university and get into the programs of my choice I would need high averages in the courses.

Time- I would like to achieve my smart goal by the end of academic year because I would like my best grade to be on my university applications. To make sure I achieve my goals I will make sure I have enough sleep before any major unit test in biology or chemistry. Also I will not procrastinate when doing assignments instead I will start them as soon as I get them that way I will have enough time to do my best work. Lastly, I will make sure I fully understand what is going on in class instead of sitting down and guessing.


Specific- I want to complete at least 30 hours of volunteer hours at Sick Kids Hosptial.

Measurable- I would track my goal by dropping off my application at Sick Kids once I turn 16 and keeping a tracking sheet to record the amount of hours I complete once Im there. I would bring a sheet each day I go in to volunteer and mark the amount of hours I do, and what I am doing within those hours.

Action- I would achieve this goal by going in on time each day I am called in, hence I would get more hours, but also more experience. To make sure I get in on time, I would take a early bus, that if late I can still reach before my start time. Or if I am running really late I can ask my mom or step dad to drop me off so I can be right on time or not over the top late. When working I would put in my best effort and ask for help if needed so I wouldnt do anything wrong. Also, I would interact with the people around me instead of keeping to myself and just getting the job done. This way the more I go in and the better I do the more likely I would have a good reference in the future.

Realistic- This goal is relaistic because i have worked with kids previously at Chinguacousy Library and got a great reflection at the end of it. It is also doable because if I try my best and put what I know into action, I would do well. I want to be a pediatrician in the future, therefore this would help when I want to go out for a job and have volunteering at Sick Kids Hospital on my resume.

Time- I plan to achieve this goal by the end of my high school year and work on it during summer; so it wouldn't have to work on it while completing my academic goal. To make sure I achieve this goal I will send in my application as soon as I turn 16. Also, I will work my best when I am their and have a positive attitude. Lastly, I will still interact with those in the hospital even when I am not volunteering there. This way they will not forget me.



With strong leadership skills and previous volunteer experience. I am seeking to work at the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. I am passionate about become a registered nurse with your company that serves for helping kids feel better, but also healthier. I would use my leadership and responsibility skills along with my employment, to enforce a better environment.


McMaster University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Grade

Hamilton , Ontario

September 2018 - June 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School

OSSD, Grade

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

Work Experience

Surgical Program

HumberRiver Hospital

  • Patient Care
  • Give Medication
  • Advocacy Award
  • Public Health Nurse Award

Toronto, Ontario

February 2019 - June 2020

Sales Associate

Urban Planet

  • Employee of the month
  • Deal with unhappy customers
  • Organize the store for pleasurable appearance
  • Assist customers for fitting room and matching size

Brampton, Ontario

November 2016 - June 2022

Volunteer Experience

Nurse Assistant

Brampton Civic Hospital

Brampton, Ontario

July 2016 - September 2016

Team Crew


Brampton , Ontario

December 2015 - April 2016

Library Leader/ Staff Assistance

Chinguacousy Library

Brampton, Ontario

July 2015 - August 2015


Rugby Team

March 2016 - June 2016

Track and Field

March 2015 - June 2015

Skills and Abilities

· Ability to problem solve

· Emotional Stability

· Speaking Skills

· Organizational Skills

· Detail Oriented

· Compassion

· Critical Thinking


Recognition Award

June 2022

Graduate with Honor Roll

June 2014


First- Aid

October 2016


May 2015

Hobbies and Interests

  • Working out

  • Media Arts

  • Reading book series

  • Listening to others share their problems


Rebbeca, Registered Nurse, HumberRiver Hospital, 905-670-9282,

Fiona, Manager, Urban Planet , 905-792-3779,

Challenges and Solutions Nurses Face

Nurses face many challenges throughout their career. One major challenge they face is obtaining informed consent. A nurse is not allowed to give a patient a certain medication if the patient does not want it. Before a nurse could deliver a medication to a patient their consent is needed; unless a patient is incapacitated. It is a nurse's job to maintain and obliged a patients’ rights. There will come times that a patient need a medication that is needed to help them get better or to keep them alive, but resist because of the taste, odor or size. At moments like these nurses cannot force the medication onto to the patient, but respect their decision. To overcome this action a nurse can try explaining to the patient that the medication is for their own good, but also explain to them the meaning of the medication and how it helps them. If this does not work, a nurse can go into the next step of speaking to a family member of the patient resisting the care, as they can speak to the patient about taking this medication. Lastly, if a patient still resist the medication the nurse would have to chart that the medication has not been giving to the patient and taken from there. No matter how much you would want to force a medication onto a patient, nurses have to refrain from doing such behavior.

Violence happens in all workplaces. It is hard to expect a registered nurse to experience as they are taking care of incapable patients. In a registered nurse workplace, they have to deal with unhappy patients that tend to take their anger out on their nurses. Patients can become demanding causing nurses to become impatient, irritated and start to lose their temper. These outbreaks can lead to fights or inappropriate language. Workplace violence is already being addressed by hospital administration so it could be lessen in the future. For nurses that experience these acts of violence each day they can overcome it by learning self-control and being patient with their patients. For further understand a registered nurse can learn to put themselves in their patients shoes and understanding the reason for the outbreak; this way it is easier for them to control the situation. Another way to overcome these situations is by walking away or calling someone else to help out. Lastly, nurses can develop their emotional stability which is needed for this job to help deal with these situations.

Workplace hazards do not only happen in workplaces that contain chemicals, but the highest workplace most hazards occur is in hospitals. Nurses have a high risk of exposure to new viruses, diseases, flu or any type of contagious illness. They are the first to interact with new blood borne disease that enter the country. When taking care of patients that carry these viruses they have to be well protected or their chance of catching the virus becomes dangerously high. Hand hygiene protocols and hand exposure is a challenge that fits with workplace hazards as nurses work with their hands, therefore it will be hard for a nurse to complete certain tasks wearing multiple layers of gloves. Research has shown that in the long run nurses have a chance of getting skin damage due to the work they duties they would have to complete. To overcome these workplace hazard challenges nurses can get their monthly vaccine shots to make sure they are fully immunized. Nurses can use extra protection when dealing with a patient that has a contagious disease or came into the hospital with a flu that no one has enough knowledge about. Lastly, nurses can build their immune systems so it will be easier to sustain some diseases, flus & viruses.