By: Hailey Pattenaude

What is Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety is a phobia of social settings, and a fear of being judged or humiliated by others. Its not shyness or stage fright, because shyness is just a personality trait. Its a chemical imbalance, just like depression. There is a chemical called Sterotonin in the brain that helps regulate mood, and when the chemical becomes imbalenced, it can cause social anxiety. Social Anxiety can be caused by many types of situations in a persons lifetime. Such as family conflict, bullying or even sexual abuse. But the exact cause is unknown by doctors.

My Questions


My smaller questions were sort of going into more detail, based off of my big question. Like what are the common symptoms, how is it different from shyness, and what causes it, (which i already answered that). The common symptoms consist of blushing, Nausea, excessive sweating, dizziness or lightheadedness, or a rapid heart rate, etc. those are physical symptoms though. The mental symptoms consist of worrying about embarrassing yourself, missing school or work because of fear of humiliation, or constantly needing a drink of water to face a social situation. Im actually really happy i was able to answer all of my questions that i wanted to know about when i first started this project. So i hope to find out more in my own time. (: