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REGISTER NOW! CIS280 - Program iOS Apple Mobile Dev

  • This course shows simple, easy steps to making iphone/ipad apps!

  • Students will create first app in week 1 of the course.

Requirements: Mac computer and desire to learn!

All you need is a Mac computer, online access, and a desire to learn. If you need the prerequisites waived for this course email Professor Konkol at c.konkol@rockvalleycollege.edu/

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the class if I haven’t completed CIS180 or CIS276?
Yes, if you are willing to learn then I will fill out a prerequisite waiver so you can register TODAY! Text me @ (815) 617-9759 OR Email at c.konkol@rockvalleycollege.edu.

Do I get an iPad Mini?
A new iPad mini will be loaned out for each registered student of CIS280.

Does the course require a textbook?
No, the course uses online resources and custom podcasts and lessons.

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Take your idea and create an app!