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Goal Setting for 2018


1/10/18 -- Wednesday, Noon EST, 60 minutes

Faculty Training Specialists


In many ways, the new year is a clean slate that allows us to create new habits, set new goals, and move forward to a successful new year.

Join us as we discuss goal setting strategies, including establishing an action plan to achieve goals related to professional development, classroom engagement, and time management. For those who register by Noon EST on Tuesday, January 9, we will offer a reflection template that helps you reflect on last year as well as cast a vision for 2018. We will also offer templates you can share in your classroom to help your students set goals for the new term.

LEO Walkthrough: Classroom Refresh


1/11/18 -- Thursday, 9 am EST, 30 minutes

Faculty Training Specialists


Join us for a quick walkthrough of the new version of LEO: Classroom Refresh. We will walk through the changes as well as talk about tips to help you be more successful in the new term. We will cover how to pin discussion posts, how to subscribe to discussions and the class calendar as well as how to set release dates for announcements, discussions, and content.

Bring your questions about LEO! We would also love to hear your tips for managing the online classroom.

Using Google Arts & Culture in Education


1/17/18 -- Wednesday, Noon EST, 60 minutes

Ruth Markulis, Faculty Development


We all strive to make learning meaningful and engaging for our students. This can be challenging today when students have a wide variety of media available to them, may have short attention spans, and may have difficulty accessing scholarly sources.

How can you make learning come alive for your students? Take the use of multimedia one step further and use the Google Arts & Culture Institute to add depth to your lessons and give your students a truly immersive experience.

The Google Arts & Culture Institute is a research platform that gives users access to curated objects from museums all over the world. In this space, high-end technology powered by Google meets culture. Virtual gallery tours, high-resolution images, and zoom in features are all available.

The Google Arts & Culture Institute allows you to:

  • Explore the collections of galleries from all over the world

  • Research art genres

  • Delve into historical events

  • Curate your own collection of priceless resources

This webinar is ideal for those teaching in the humanities, especially in the disciplines of art, history, and literature.

The use of this resource should be cleared with your Program Chair and used in conjunction with the content in the course.

Classroom Engagement in a Hybrid Online Environment


1/24/18 -- Wednesday, Noon EST, 60 minutes

Dannielle Blumenthal, Adjunct Assistant Professor (MBA program)


In September 2017, I returned to UMUC after an absence of about five years. During that time, I found that a number of things had changed with respect to the classroom technology environment as well as students’ attitudes toward hybrid online learning. In particular, I noted that the UMUC learning platform was technologically more sophisticated and generated more automatic messages on the part of the instructor. On the other hand, the automated nature of the messages proved to be an obstacle in terms of engaging students with the individualized flow of the team. Separately, I noted that students appeared to be far more rushed in terms of their schedules than I previously remembered; they needed more individualized coaching; and they had more difficulty understanding the rubric. Complicating matters, they had inconsistent experiences with UMUC instructors in the past, and in particular, had varying ideas about what was expected of them in terms of professional business writing versus academic writing. As a way to adapt to this fast-paced 6 credit course environment, I developed a mode of working with the students that maximized their engagement while also keeping them on track with the standardized course requirements. This webinar will delve into those methods, divided into four categories: tactics for managing the live classroom environment; supplemental emails and online announcements; collaborative documents; and individualized feedback.

How to Achieve Wellness Managing Multiple Priorities


1/25/18 -- Thursday, 9 am EST, 30 minutes

Liliya Roberts, MD, MS, ACHE
Program Chair, Health Services Management and Management Studies, TUS, BAPP


Contemporary life is demanding, fast-paced and confusing. Sprint toward personal and professional achievements takes a toll on our minds and bodies. Useful work-life balance tips that are applicable in the classroom and outside helping us to cope better with the pressure and demands of multiple priorities are discussed in this webinar.

Google Calendar and Tasks: Basics


1/31/18 -- Wednesday, Noon EST, 60 minutes

Faculty Training Specialists


Google Calendar is one of the most powerful Google tools we have access to. On the surface, Google Calendar is a calendar, but you can do so much more with the customized settings!

Join us as we discuss Google Calendar basics like entering an event, sharing an event, and adding a Meet room. We will also cover how to change an event to a task or a reminder. We will walk through customizing your settings like dual calendar time zones, date and time format, working hours, default views, and adding calendars.

Bring your Google Calendar questions and let us help you get organized for the new year!