Peer Pressure:

Should we start looking at the great outcomes from it?

Choose your friends wisely. Statistics show by hanging out with good people you will be encouraged to be honest, make good decisions, and achieve good grades. (Pressure from peers can have a positive influence of teens) Who wouldn't want to be successful? Surprisingly these effects happen when positive peer pressure occurs. Peer pressure can be a powerful positive force, which can help young people to make healthy and productive choices.

A new study finds that "children who hang out with more active kids were more likely to increase their physical activity level, then those who were friends with sedentary kids, who became less active." (Park) In fact,"children changed their exercise level about 10% to better match those in their circle."(Pressure from peers can have a positive influence on teens) Developing positive peer pressure begins with relationships. Parents usually have a problem with making new friends with certain people, however would they want to hold their kid back from having positive influences on them? Especially when the child's health could improve. "....teens need to examine their friendships, then evaluate the impact it has on their ever day lives"(Pressure from peers can have a positive influence on teens) You have the choice of who to surround yourself with, if parents intervene will their child ever learn how to on their own? Peers usually surround themselves with people who have the same interest with them. They changed their work ethics or hobbies to better match people in their group. The results from positive peer pressure help youths become more productive.

In the text "Pressure from peers can have a positive influence on teens", positive peer pressure can lead to changes in teens future, because they have expanded their perspective. Positive peer pressure can open opportunities. Why don't parents encourage positive peer pressure? "Since the urge to "belong" to a peer group is all about feeling included and accepted, there is also the tendency to behave and become "like" other members of the group." (Does peer pressure have a positive or negative impact on teens behavior?) Peer pressure can encourage youths to be more successful by achieving good grades and not engaging in high risk lifestyle. Instead of looking at all the horrible outcomes of peer pressure, start looking at all the great results from it.

The exercise habits of children's closets friends can be the biggest influence on kids' physical activity level. Having friends who are active can make you more active resulting in healthy decisions. We pick up habits are friends do because we feel the urge to fit in. By doing this it makes are health better and can effect the way you do things."Teenagers in positive peer groups also show an interest in getting involved and participating in several extra circular and sports actives in school."(Does peer pressure have a positive or negative impacts on teen behavior?) Let's start encouraging kids to get involved. From this positive peer pressure many teens are starting to create excellent decision. Many are participating in sports, making good decisions , achieving good grades, and volunteering. (Pressure from peers can have a positive influence on teens) The impact from

Peer Pressure isn't always a good thing, it's a deadly force. Many bad situations happen as a result from it. Teens abuse drugs and alcohol. Youths are all the time being pressured into fitting it, doing what everyone else is doing so they aren't left out. Parents constantly warn kids about the danger of it, but they never express that there are good outcomes from it too. Many situations are positive, they could make your life better. Positive peer pressure encourages youths to engage in extra activities and to achieve greatness. What type of parent wouldn't want the best for their own child?

Peer pressure can be a powerful positive force which can help young people to make healthy and productive decisions. Children are taught about the dangers of peer pressure in school. They watch out for bad influences, or anyone who could get them in trouble. By not showing or teaching about the positive outcomes, holds them back from meeting new people. We need to start to educate them on positive peer pressure. The education of it can help more kids make excellent choices. Start now! Don't hold your kid back from experiencing great events.