Join the Best Voyage in the World!

By: Maddie & Maddie with the help of Sir Francis Drake

Overview of Voyage

We will be sailing around the world to discover new and exciting things on the Circumnavigation of the Earth. Sail on the top boat of our era; the Gold Hind

Our date that is set for us to leave is on May 17th 1577, and our approximate return date is May 5th 1588. We will be sailing from England and going north in order to seek a route around North America. We will then be sailing westward around the world to head back home.

If we complete this journey, then my crew and I will become the second group to circumnavigate the globe. Who wouldn't want to be apart of something so amazing?

What to Expect on the Voyage

Things you should see once we reach North America are things you have never seen before. Expect to see the natives and open land as far as the the eye can see. You will be able to vision what this land could end up being someday. You will also be able to see the vast ocean and all of it's beauty. You will have the opportunity to connect with your shipmates and get to know everyone while experiencing something amazing.

Bio of Captain Sir Francis Drake

I am Sir Francis Drake, your captain on this wonderful voyage. I was born in Devonshire, England in 1540. I am the oldest of 12 siblings and have always been interesting in sailing. Even though I started out as a farmer, I was approached by a merchant who got me into navigation. I am beyond happy to be taking this voyage around the world and I would love someone like you to join me.

Golden Hind

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