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Kublai Khan

Do NOT mess with Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan was a man who was respectful to his grandfather, Genghis Khan. He was respectful by completing his grandfather's conquest of 1279. Kublai Khan had the power to make his own dynasty. That’s right, dynasty [a sequence of rulers from the same family stock, or group.) It was called the Yuan dynasty.

The Yuan dynasty was a complete success because it conquered all of China and it was the first foreign dynasty to rule all of China.

Kublai Khan was respectful to his grandfather, established the Yuan dynasty, and he was sometimes referred to as the Empire of the Great Khan.

Shanxi Hokou Waterfall

The Shanxi Hokou Waterfall is considered to be the most magnificent waterfall in the country, according to some. The Shanxi waterfall was the largest waterfall on the Yellow River. It is 20 meters high, and 30 meters wide. It is actually the second biggest waterfall in China. The largest waterfall is the gigantic Huangguoshu Waterfall!!!

In May through October, it is the best time to visit. The reason it is the best time to visit is because the water velocity increases and the fall will swell creating a beautiful scene.

It is located between the provinces of Shanxi and Shaanxi. The admission fees are 90 RMB ($13.91 in America). Also, the nearest way to go there is the Yunchen Airport. You could research Shanxi Hokou Waterfall in case if you want to go there.

China Shanxi Hukou Waterfall
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Hainan: Guanyin Statue

On the beaches of Sanya, you shall find the world’s largest Guanyin statue. Hainan: Guanyin Statue is one of The One of the tallest statues on the planet It is a whopping 108 meters tall! Did you also know that it is a three sided-face statue? It faces China, Taiwan, and the rest of the South China. It was recently enshrined in 2005.

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Zhejiang: Thousand Island Lake

The history of Thousand Island Lake is, first Chinese government evacuated and they decided to flood the place along with villages, hills, and plains so they can build a reservoir which offers an awesome view along with excellent resort service, speed boating, water skiing, animal themed island hopping, and mountain climbing. It also has awesome food and five star hotels.

The Song dynasty and General Zhao Kuangyin

Now, we are going WAY back in time. We are going to the 900s! The Song dynasty was an ancient Chinese dynasty. General Zhao Kuangyin started the Song Dynasty. Now General Zhao Kuangyin must have been a powerful man like Kublai Khan, because he started a whole entire dynasty! He was very loyal and kind to his troops/soldiers because they put him on a throne in Kaifeng. Then, his loyalty to his troops had spread, and he was slowly conquering all of China! He fought for the land in order to conquer it.

After that, Unification was done in 979 AD. He then defeated the empire of Chu. He must have been mad, because after that he defeated the EMPIRES of Shu, Szechuan.

Heilongjiang: Saint Sophia Cathedral, Harbin

Now we are talkin' about an Orthodox Church in East and Southeast China. It is a 54 meters tall, 721-square-meter neo-Byzantine structure it was used as a warehouse back then. It was also used as spiritual symbol in the early 20th century. It is still built, and now it

shows city’s architecture, art, and heritage.

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